Session 3: Marketing and Communications

Hi @oct19-cohort - hope you are all having a good week! We’re meeting tomorrow 1pm ET at our usual Zoom link ( to chat about Marketing and Communications.

Here’s what you can hold on to when referring to this topic:

  1. Handout: Marketing and Communications
  2. Slides: Marketing and Communications

It looks like many of you have been able to make progress with your project homes, start filling out your project scoping templates or crafting calls for participation, which is exciting! Looking forward to hearing all these updates, and seeing you all again tomorrow. :slight_smile:


It was a great session last week as we dove into the principles of our marketing approach, and how we can all think about this as a way to communicate the stories, successes, challenges of our projects. There was a good conversation in the chat about the understandable hesitation or worry that comes with being transparent, as well as suggestions for how to have team discussions around licenses. Communicating is not just about the external conversations you might have, but also largely have to do with internal discussions with your teams!

Some of the resources we shared in the session were:

If you were interested in viewing the chat transcript, you can take a look at it online. If anyone would like to anonymize their comments, please let me know, and I’d be happy to make edits.

Was there more you wanted to share with the cohort now that you’ve had some time to think about this topic? Let us know below!