Session 3: Storytelling and Communications (May 30th)

Hi @may23cohort, I’m looking forward to our session tomorrow - Storytelling and Communications. Here are some important links for tomorrow:

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Hi @may23cohort, thanks for the great session today! I hope the beginning of our session was helpful to you all for how to navigate the Rebus Community forum. If you need any more assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out! Below you’ll find the key links to our session, along with a session recap, and your homework checklist.

Key Links:

Session 3: Storytelling and Communication focused on continuing the scoping work from last week and we returned to look more closely at those parts that relate to the storytelling in your OER, namely the motivators, the audience, and the course materials.

Storytelling allows you to situate your role in the work, describe the story of your project, both within your team, but also more broadly as you market your OER. We used a template [link above] to guide your teams in the process of creating your project storywork plan. We also emphasised acknowledging and validating different types of knowledge and expertise — and how you all play an integral part in this work by reflecting on the content of your OER (approach, vision for the discipline, knowledge, research, text, media, contributors, students, pedagogy).

Thinking deeply about the storywork you want to do as content creators and team support members, may sound like a lot of effort, but we know from experience with past cohorts how well those efforts play out in the longer term. Having a clear understanding of the storywork for your resource - both its purpose and content - is critical throughout the publishing process to ensure you create an equitably and culturally sustainable resource.

Homework Checklist:
I know why and how to use storytelling as part of our OER project.
I have listened to the individual motivators of my team, and understand the expertise they bring to this work.
In our teams, we have discussed specific aspects of storytelling in our OER to guide our equitable work [based on Part 2 in the Storytelling and Communications (S&C) template ]. Note: Feel free to use your discussion results to update aspects of your Project Summary!
Deliverable: Individually, I have written a short bio for our team to use going forward based on [Part 1 in the S&C template ]. Note: Some of you have already introduced yourself in the Session 1 thread, feel free to use that information to expand on this here!
Deliverable (from Week 2): If your team hasn’t yet posted a Project Summary to your homepage’s Project Summary thread (here is a link to the About the May 2023 Cohort), try to do that now. You can just link to your team’s shared document until everything is finalized. Treat it as a work in progress!
Deliverable: Before Session 4, respond to this thread

  1. What parts of this homework checklist were you able to successfully complete?
  2. What parts of Week 3 did you find most useful?
  3. What challenges did you face while attempting the checklist?
  4. When peaking at the outcomes listed in Session 4: Managing and Growing Teams, what are you eager to learn and what questions do you currently have related to those areas?

Enjoy the rest of your week and I look forward to seeing you all next Tuesday!

I completed my bio and added some ideas to the marketing section. I’m still behind on our overall project template from last week. I thought it was useful to think about getting bios from our contributors (eventually) that have the right tone. We are thinking about a template or examples to provide to contributors to help them write their bio. We know we want to think more about what to ask them to provide. I am looking forward to thinking more about roles and responsibilities in session 4, though I’m worried that since we’re a small team, it could be hard to fulfill all of them.

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Thanks, Roxanne. I just read your bio, that will fit well in the section “about the contributors” in your upcoming book!

Hi @may23cohort - I forgot to include the chat from last week’s session in my summary post, and there were some great links in that for the Applied Calculus group!

meeting_saved_chat.txt (3.4 KB)

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