About the May 2023 Cohort

We are excited to be supporting the 17th cohort of the Textbook Success Program! 2 teams will be working on their equity-centered OER projects. :green_book: :blue_book:

Take a look at the projects and teams from the following participating institutions:
Rhode Island University; University of Cincinnati; Western Oregon University, Open Oregon

1. Deep-Sea Biology
Roxanne Beinart, Christopher Knowlton, Heather Olins, Julia Lovett

2. Change in Context: Applied Calculus
Crystal Clough, Stephanie Korslund, Mark Minelli, Liz Scarpelli, Pam Wissman

3. Elements of Art and Principles of Design for Classroom Teachers
Paula Booth, Sue Kunda, Chris Mansayon, Sean O’Neill, Seyed Shahrokni, Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon