Session 4: Team Building

@oct19-cohort, tomorrow at 1pm ET, we’re taking a look at team building and things like organizing teams, roles and responsibilities, and more. Looking forward to seeing you all at our usual Zoom link (

Here are the documents you can refer to for this topic:

  1. Handout: Team Building
  2. Slides: Team Building

As always, feel free to share or reuse these resources as needed on your projects!

Hi @mooredm, @apurva, and all,
I have a meeting which is scheduled to end at 2pm today. I will definately join the call when its done (especially if it is done earlier.)

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Thanks for the heads up, Anita! Hope you can make it at/after 2. :slight_smile:

@walcir.cardoso — it turns out @chloe.lei had mentioned to me that she couldn’t attend today, but I unfortunately didn’t see this message until after the session! :woman_facepalming:t5: She said she’ll take a look at the handout and slides, and might also reach out to you, @am.senecal or @Mike for a recap.

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Thanks for letting us know, Apurva! See you next week, Chloe

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No worries. See you all next week! Have a good weekend. :slight_smile:

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Yes, sorry, @walcir.cardoso @apurva, something came up last minute. I should have posted my message here. Actually I was able to listen in on my phone from around 1:45pm. Thank you and I will see everyone next week! Have a great weekend!

We understand! Thanks for calling in later on — I must have missed you there but glad you could listen in for a bit.

I’ll follow-up with you and the rest of the cohort soon with our conversation from the chat, and any examples or resources that I said I would link to during the call.

@oct19-cohort - as promised, below are some of the links and resources that I said I would share after our call on Friday. Let me know if I’ve missed anything from this list:

I’ve also saved our chat transcript from the session, in case anyone wanted to take a look at the short conversation taking place there.

And lastly, I’ve also shared the slides and handouts for our next session in a separate thread (Session 5: Recruiting and Managing Contributors) so you can head there to take a look at those. I’ll be adding to these resources this week.

Thank you @apurva. For the “Review Statement Template”, was it something that was discussed in the session on Friday? Sorry I missed the first half of it. The template looks very useful, and I can see myself incorporating it in the project page or the introductory page of an open textbook. Thanks.

Hi Chloe, I briefly mentioned the Review Statement during our session in response to an update from @joseph.stabb on his project. He notes that his Public Relations open textbook project will be eligible and count as part of his Tenure and Promotion review, but has been asked to ensure that the book undergoes a thorough peer review process. We’ve seen books go through the double-blind review process before, so wanted to share the review statement template as it can help Joe and @allisonbrown better prepare for documenting how peer review was conducted on the book. Joe also mentioned that the book’s intended audience was something he should be keeping in mind and carefully articulating to the T&P review committee. Feel free to add to this, Joe and Allison!

We have another session dedicated entirely to Peer Review in the program — it’ll be the first one next year, on Jan. 3rd!

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Thank you @apurva for the useful info! I look forward to the Peer Review session too!

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