Session 5: Recruiting and Managing Contributors

Hi team, as promised on today’s session, I wanted to share the slides and handouts for our next session on team building part 2. We’ll go into the recruitment, onboarding, and a little more on managing and engaging team members.

Note that I might add a bit more to these slides and the handout next week if I come across some more useful resources:

  1. Handout: Recruiting and Managing Contributors
  2. Slides: Recruiting and Managing Contributors

I have a few examples for workflows and tracking sheets that I’m putting finishing touches on at the moment, but will add to the handout or share in this thread soon!

@mooredm, @arwalz — hope this can help you as you put final touches on your call! As always, please let me know if any questions.

@oct19-cohort — we’re on today at 1pm ET! Our topic for the day is recruitment, onboarding, and engagement of team members.

I’ve shared the handout and slides in my post above, and wanted to make note of the following additions to the handout:

Huge thank you to @christina.hendricks for her help putting together these resources!

@joan.buckley mentioned that she and some of her Nursing Research colleagues are at a conference today, but I hope to catch the rest of you all later this afternoon.

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Confession: I’m obsessed with CFP language and formatting. Looking forward to this session!

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Hi @apurva --I’m going to be there for the beginning of today’s session, but will have to duck out after project updates. See you soon!

No worries, thanks for the head’s up. :slight_smile: I’m sure those who can stay for the full session will be happy to bring you, Joan, and others up to speed if needed. And you can always drop in any questions you have here!

Hello Apurva,

I’m not able to attend today.

Mary Ann

Hi MaryAnn, no worries! Thanks for letting me know. I’ll see you at the next one, hopefully.

If anyone is looking for the Zoom link for today, it’s, the same as usual. See you all soon!

@kautzmka I asked your question about OER transparency on Twitter and @steelwagstaff responded. You can follow the discussion here

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Thanks to everyone who was on the call today, even if only for a portion of it! I always enjoy hearing from everyone, and seeing how well each project is moving forward. :smiley:

I’ve put together the chat transcript from our session today, for those interested in revisiting some of the questions asked or discussions had. I’ll share a recording of the Office Hours session on Tenure and Promotion as soon as it’s ready next week. Some other links shared on the call included:

Quick reminder that there is no session next Friday, as we’ll be taking a break for the American Thanksgiving holiday. We’ll resume again on December 6 to talk about Accessibility and Inclusive Design!

Thank you, Leigh.

I can click and read the response from Steel Wagstaff, but I’m not a Twitter user; so I can only thank them here and not on Twitter itself. I’ve ordered the recommendations from Interlibrary Loan.

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I’ll pass your thanks on to Steel

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