Session 6: Accessibility and Inclusive Design (July 2022-M-1 Cohort)

Hello, @July22-M-1-cohort I look forward to seeing you all Monday for our session on Accessibility and Inclusive Design. Here are the slides and handout .

We are switching things up in session to allow you all more discussion and interaction within each session. To allow for this redistribution of time, we ask that you please review the first 5 slides of the slide deck and post your update to the forum by hitting ‘reply’ before our session Monday, addressing the questions on Slide #5. Only one person from each team needs to post an update.

Thanks so much, and we look forward to this change that will allow for more team and cross-disciplinary engagement during our weekly sessions!

p.s. It appears that the previous issues in the Rebus forum have been resolved–yay! If you happen to still have any lingering issues, please let me or Jordis know.