Session 7 - Plan OER structure

PART 1A: Outline

CONTENTS (work in progress)


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Template syllabi

SEMESTER 1 - The present - Eu, os estudos, os amigos e a família (greetings, introductions, salutations, daily routine, descriptions and family)

Chapter 1: You and the Lusophone world (Você e o mundo lusófono)

Chapter 2: We are all students (Nós somos todos estudantes)

Chapter 3: Where, when, why, and how? (Onde, quando, por que e como?)

Chapter 4: Places to go, things to do in the Lusophone world (Lugares para ir, coisas para fazer no mundo lusófono)

Extra: At the supermarket (No mercado) - Learning the present subjunctive

SEMESTER 2 - The present and the past - Minha vida antes e agora (food, culture, traditions, weather and sports)

Chapter 5: What is happening today? (O que está acontecendo hoje?)

Chapter 6: What happened yesterday? (O que aconteceu ontem?)

Chapter 7: Did you know that? (Sabia que?)

Chapter 8: Today and yesterday (Ontem e hoje)

Extra: Vacations, holidays and celebrations (Férias, feriados e comemorações) - Learning the past subjunctive

SEMESTER 3: The present, the past and the future -

Chapter 9: Where will we go to speak Portuguese (Onde iremos para falar português?)

Chapter 10: What would we do in…? (O que nós faríamos em…?)

Chapter 11:

Chapter 12:

Extra: Learning the future subjunctive

Verb conjugations


Sample tests

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PART 1C: Model chapter

Chapter 5: What is happening today? (O que está acontecendo hoje?)

Structure and learning objectives and outcomes

Checkpoint: previous chapter

Vocabulary: food, culture and traditions, weather and sports

Video: Celebrations in Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guine-Bissau, Sao Tome and

Prince and East Timor

Reading: Planning a birthday party

Speaking: Answering individual questions and working in pairs/groups

Listening: Music and dialogues

Grammar: The present progressive, irregular verbs


Writing: Minha festa ou feriado favorito


As Cohort C- CBIO 2213 Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 team, we met via WebEx on December 14th at 4 pm.

  1. We worked on the OER Structure Plan Part 1A-Outline creation and Part 1B-Chapter Structure including pedagogical devices and assessment plan.
  • · We talked about the textbook modules/chapter headlines.

  • · Everyone agreed to share their HAP1 course syllabi and create the best possible course learning objectives and course module objectives with the collaboration of all team members. Khalil promised to create a document with the links to all shared syllabi.

  • · Accessibility Toolkit is shared to use as a guide.

  • · Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and HAP concept creation discussed

  • · We voted about the pedagogical chapter openers to decide which ones we should utilize by working on the OER Structure Plan document.

  1. Task distribution was made, and Ayda and Sharon agreed to develop a course learning objectives template and Scott and Priscilla to create module outlines and semester schedule(15 weeks including finals and exams)

  2. We decided on our next two cohort C meeting days as January 11th and 25th between 4- 5 pm, the time fits all team members’ schedules.