Session 7 Recap: Content Creation

Thank you everyone for your participation in our August 16 session. If you couldn’t make it or want a refresher, here are our resources and a brief recap of what we covered.

The creation of content is one of the most important stages in the process. The work you do in this phase can make the next phases of editing, review, and formatting much easier. As OER content creators or contributors, your project teams can change the status quo in education.

With your student audience at the core of your efforts, you can develop both OER and specific pedagogical methods that will work to support accessible, equitable, and inclusive learning. Well-structured content not only helps your students identify what matters to the discipline and specific courses, but also what matters to them. We looked at how specific elements in textbooks/ OER can work to represent and support your diverse learners on the book and chapter levels. If you missed our session, take a look at the resources and examples at the end of the Session 7 Handout.

Homework Activity

Thinking through the structure of your OER will take some time and dedication, but we hope that the homework activity will guide your team’s discussion around the structure and parts in your resource (see handout linked above). It will help you redefine the alignment of your content with the envisioned outcomes for your project, so you can determine the parts that will further enrich your OER and make it stand out within your discipline. Feel free to browse the examples shared in your handout for inspiration as well.

Next week, we will examine the editing process and how you can set up an equitable workflow and smooth logistics that includes checklists, tracking sheets, and an author guide to orientate everybody on your team. Have a great week!