Session 9: Review and Feedback

Happy new year @oct19-cohort! :partying_face: I hope you’ve all had a good holiday/break and are reenergized to work on your projects.

We’re back tomorrow at 1pm ET on Zoom (at our usual call link)for our session on review and feedback.

We’ll be referring to:

  1. Handout: Review & Feedback
  2. Slides: Review & Feedback

Catch you then!

Thank you @apurva. I hate to miss this important topic but I do have some family matters to attend to today. Catch you next time. Happy new year!

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We fully understand — family comes first! Please take the time you need. We’ll catch you next time. :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone for a great session last week! It was nice to get some time during to answer questions, and exchange ideas for how to implement different kinds of review on your projects.

Take a look at the chat transcript for some great questions from the cohort, plus some additional resources. We saw links to the Soil and Water Conversation book’s open review call & their project page, plus a shoutout to the Checklist for Web Accessibility from the Open Accessibility Toolkit.

@ed.beck - thanks for your questions on the author/reviewer dynamic! We’ll try to incorporate a section on this in our guide and in sessions for future cohorts. :slight_smile:

@arwalz asked whether anyone knew about resources aside from the Open Accessibility Toolkit to help perform accessibility checks on books. I’ve done some digging and put together a list we can refer to:

Feel free to add more resources if you come across them. And remember that checklists aren’t the only way in gauge or test whether a resource is accessible or not, but can be helpful points to start.

There was also a request from the group to get some more resources around classroom reviews and student surveys for OER, so I’ll try to scrounge up some examples to share with you all.

Lastly, a quick reminder that our check-in scheduled for Feb. 14 has been moved over by one week to Feb. 21. I’ve updated this information in our syllabus. Thanks to everyone for accommodating this change.

Spotted a great set of documents on Classroom Review from @allisonbrown that I wanted to share with the cohort: Spring 2020 beta testing. Take a look at the feedback forms!