Share an interactive activity to be featured in the OER Activity Sourcebook!

Is there an interactive activity that you’ve seen in an OER textbook or other project that you’re particularly jazzed about? I’m planning to update the OER Activity Sourcebook and would love to feature it.

You can share examples or get more involved here:

The Sourcebook highlights creative activities that are accessible, adaptable, and based on open-source platforms.* Often, we add links and tutorial information to help folks who are new to making OER learn how to create similar activities for their own projects.

I’m also open to suggestions and collaborations other sorts - it’s a good time for a content/organization revamp for the Sourcebook, and I want this project to be useful! Feel free to DM me or comment below if you’d like to talk more.

*On rare occasions, we include examples of OER that incorporate popular tools that aren’t strictly OER or open source, but we try to keep that to a minimum.

This is a great question! Here are some of the recent ones that I have been turning to:

Amazing-- thank you, Apurva!! These look fantastic, and I’m looking forward to incorporating them into the Sourcebook! - Naomi

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