Syncing on tracking adoptions, recency goal, and audio project


Hi Apurva, When might be a good day/time to connect and sync on a few things? I have a new intern that will likely be able to support some projects and wanted to run a few things by you on best practices and your wisdom going forward. Are you still doing drop in sessions or would we be able to schedule a short one on one? Thanks, Dave

Hope you’re doing well, Dave! Glad to hear that you’ve been able to recruit an intern to support this project and others. We can schedule a short time to meet — does next Monday, Sept. 23, at 2:00pm ET/11am PT work for you?

That works!


Great! I’ll send out an invite today. :slight_smile:


I’m inviting my intern as well (not sure if she can make it) but her name is Ellen just so you have a heads up. :wink:

Have a lovely weekend!


Great; hopefully she can make it too. Hope you have a great weekend also!

Hi @dave.dillon — nice chatting with you last week. I’ve given you access to the adoption form, so it should hopefully be near the top of your inbox and easy for you to access and check updates (using the Responses tab when viewing the form in Edit Mode). I’ve also had a look at an updated version of the form on the Introduction to Philosophy: Philosophy of Mind book, which was released last week, and wanted to flag these 3 additional questions, in case you wanted to include these in your form:

  • I am adopting (required question):
    • The whole book without doing any significant revisions (beyond minor grammatical or typo issues)
    • A few chapters
    • Half the book or more, but not the whole book
    • Other:
  • I am creating a revised version (beyond minor revisions for typos, grammar, etc.):
    • Yes
    • No
    • Other
  • If you are created a revised version, please let us know if you are posting it publicly somewhere so we can link to it.
    • Insert Link

I think this will be useful information for you to know as you are looking to grow the community of practice around your book. Let me know what you think!

Thanks @apurva! I like all of those questions. Still debating on what to do with the instructors that have already submitted the form if we add new questions. I would like to add those. I prefer “adaption/remix” to “revised version.” Outside of that I think those questions would be good to add. I would also be interested in adding these: “When was the first semester you used the Blueprint text?; What text were you using previously?” Please let me know if you would prefer to have Rebus continue to host this or if you would prefer for me to take it.


I’d suggest following-up with anyone who has already submitted the form to notify them of the updates, and gently request them to answer just those questions. This way, they needn’t resubmit the form, and also shows that you are actively engaging with the group of adopters, and can hear about updates/planned updates to the text!

Those are good questions to add!

Going forward, you may find it easier to host the form yourself - to edit questions, add questions, contact and connect with submitters, etc. If this is the case, then we may want to remove your book from our form, so they’re all going to one place and not doubling up. Let me know how this sounds.

Thanks @Apurva. Agreed. I will create a new google form for adopters. Would you be able to confirm when you take the Blueprint text off of the current Rebus adopter google form? And if possible, please send me the most recent data for the Blueprint adopters? Thank you!

I can confirm that I’ve removed the Blueprint text as an option off the current Rebus Adoption Form. I’ve also sent you a copy of the most recent data that had been collected using that form since. Please let me know if you need anything more on this!

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