Team Meet & Greet - Deep-sea Biology

Welcome to Deep-sea Biology!

Please use the Storytelling & Communications Template introduced in Session 3 to tell us about yourself, why you’re interested in this project, and get to know your fellow team members.

I am not sure if we are supposed to be collecting these on the storytelling template document or here, so here is my initial attempt at this as a comment in this thread…

I have been passionate about marine science since I was a small child. Spending a semester as an undergraduate in the Williams College Mystic Seaport program helped me see that ocean science is all the more relevant and important when situated in a social context. As an educator, helping people better understand the ways in which we are all deeply connected to the ocean (and the deep ocean in particular) is some of my most fulfilling work! I spend a lot of time thinking about how to teach material that is literally inaccessible, and am encouraged and inspired by the ways that technology is making the inaccessible less so. The way we study the ocean is changing, and I am excited to be part of a project that is leveraging emerging technology to also change the way we teach and learn about the ocean.