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Hello! I have been asked to participate in a panel presentation at the Textbook and Academic Author Conference in a couple of weeks explaining unique aspects of the award winning textbook. I have a couple of ideas but wanted to ask the community if you may suggest any aspect(s) that you think would be unique found in the Blueprint main text.

Thank you!

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What a great opportunity, Dave!

There’s a few things that I think is very unique about the Blueprint for Success main text:

  • It’s a remix of 5 other OER – and still incorporates a lot of original content. This balance helps instructors and students find a number of perspectives, styles, and value in the book. It also makes this book a community effort - collaboratively produced by you, the other authors, reviewers, formatters, editors, student designers, and more.
  • The book includes a lot of videos, exercises, images to help meet learning objectives more clearly, and from the very start focuses on ways to make this content valuable to all students (working on accessibility best practices, ways to engage all students, adding sections on cultural competency)
  • It’s been peer-reviewed, and also has been beta-tested in classrooms! A lot of this feedback from reviewers and from students have found it’s way back to the book – so the experience for new teachers and learners is improved.
  • The book is available in a number of unique formats, ranging from web, PDF, EPUB, MOBI, HTML, to print. And, an audiobook format is in the works!
  • Around the main text are a vibrant group of adopters, who are not only using the book in their classrooms and sharing feedback, but also helping to contribute to expansions - by creating slide decks, assignments, quizzes, etc.

Hope these few points can help get you going. :slight_smile: I’m eager to hear what others might think too, and seeing what ends up in the presentation!

Thanks @Apurva! Perfect!

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