May '23 Blueprint Update


I have been thinking about this update this entire term and am just finally getting it out now. I’m certain many of you can relate.

Good news: I have been approved for sabbatical leave in Spring ’24 for work on a major revision of the Blueprint OER texts. There continues to be a long list of changes and edits I have been desiring to make and have not yet been able to prioritize completion of that but am pleased to have the upcoming time and space to do so. Some of the changes will be consistent with the work OpenOregon has done with the Oregon version in preparation for their Spanish translation (thanks Linnea Spitzer, Norma Cardenas , Amy Hofer and your team!). I look forward to surveying other College Success OER to see what is most current and improved in the field. Other improvements will include infusing greater equity, inclusion, diversity, anti-racism, and accessibility. And as I think often, the experience of attending college has gone through tremendous change since the original text was curated, remixed, and co-authored in 2016 and 2017. Additionally, there are some specific California aspects that will drive consideration for relevancy and recency, including a revised local course outline of record and changes to statewide general education (i.e. CSU Area E and CALGETC).

If you and/or your students have specific recommendations for improvements, additions, deletions, edits, etc., I welcome them and thank you in advance!

If you would like to be contacted for providing input for changes during the upcoming academic year (and mostly during the Spring ’24 term) please let me know.

And if you would like to drop a line to let me know how you are doing, I welcome those communications as well.

One Ancillaries note: The Blueprint OER audio files are not currently available (sorry!) unless anyone may have a downloaded copy, but there will be work done for an audio version once the revision is complete.

Thanks for your continued support.

Dave Dillon
Online Education Coordinator
Counseling Faculty / Professor of Counseling
Grossmont College
O: 619-644-7231
pronouns: he/him/his