July 2021 Blueprint Update

Hi All,

I hope this finds you well and that you are finding time for recharging this summer.

A few updates:


Beginning today and continuing over the next couple of weeks, some revisions will be taking place in the web (online) versions of the three Blueprint College Success OER texts. These will include the addition of some student artwork, cleaning up errata, accessibility improvement, and edits (additions and cuts) recently recommended by reviewers for greater diversity, relevancy, and alignment. This may result in some chapter changes and chapter numbering changes. All changes will be documented and shared in the next e-mail update when completed, as well as documented in the version history of the texts and at the end of each chapter. Once the revisions are complete, new .pdfs (labeled with the next version numbers) will be created for download and print options. Relevant college success content during the pandemic and in speculation of what college success may look like post pandemic has been a daunting challenge and remains a work in progress.

I am sensitive to making changes during academic terms and all effort will be made to minimize disruption to instructors. Based on a variety of scheduling aspects, this was the best time to make the changes.

Spanish Translation Update:

With large thanks to Amy Hofer, Norma Cardenas, and Linnea Spitzer, and many others, a Spanish translation of Blueprint for College and Career Success is underway and scheduled for completion June 2022.

Blueprint Counseling Conference:

The first of its kind Blueprint for Counseling Success Conference took place virtually May 14, 2020. It was well attended and received positive feedback. Most of the conference sessions were recorded and archived.

As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Thank you,

Dave Dillon

Distance Education Coordinator

Counseling Faculty / Professor of Counseling

Grossmont College

ASCCC OERI Area D Regional Lead

Google voice: (619) 375-2627

pronouns: he/him/his

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