Blueprint Revision Update November '23


I am sharing an update on the forthcoming planning and timeline for the Blueprint revision.

Significant revision work for the main Blueprint text (Blueprint for Success in College and Career) will begin in early January, 2024 and planned to be completed in May of 2024. Please note that changes will take place in the live Pressbooks webbook version (v. 1.4) located at Blueprint for Success in College and Career – Simple Book Publishing throughout the Spring 2024 term. Version 1.5 will be used as a designator during Spring 2024 while the revision takes place. Version 2.0 (with the revision completed) will be released toward the end of the Spring 2024 term (in May or June). For those planning on teaching with Blueprint for Success in College and Career in Spring 2024, you may wish to use a .pdf of Pressbooks version 1.4 or [LibreTexts web version]( text/Book%3A_Blueprint_for_Success_in_College_and_Career_(Dillon) (the LibreText web version will be updated when the revision is complete).

My local college has proposed an updated course outline for Curriculum approval and many of the revisions will strive to match the new course outline.

Shoutout to Amy Hofer, Linnea Spitzer, Norma Cardenas, and Patricia Vazquez for completion of their amazing work on the Spanish translation of the OpenOregon adaptation of Blueprint.

Please let me know if you have any questions.