August 2021 - Blueprint Update

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There were some changes made in the Blueprint texts in July and early August. No chapter changes nor chapter numbering occurred. I would be very interested in having a small review team give recommendations for content in the upcoming year, with a continued focus on content relevancy and cultural relevancy (what does College Success look like for students right now, and what content in the text is relevant and what content should be removed or updated/modified?). If you may be interested in a bi-monthly review meeting this academic year, please let me know. I am also interested in feedback from students – what resonates with them, what doesn’t, suggestions and recommendations, feedback from the student art. If you or your students would like to give feedback, please let me know.

The main Blueprint text has a version change (now v. 1.4). All of the export options in Pressbooks have been updated. I was hoping to have a print version link ready a week or two ago but have run into some unforseen delays and challenges. is much more expensive than it was for the v. 1.3 print copy and there is a more cumbersome cover process. The print version link will be sent out as soon that is resolved and it is available. In the meantime, the .pdf in portions or in entirety can be printed locally where available and students who already may have (or may have access to) a print version of v. 1.3 will not have the exact same content but I think would still be OK for the Spring term.

Version changes for the smaller Blueprint texts and print links will follow and be communicated out asap.

Your feedback and questions, as always, are valued and appreciated.

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Dave Dillon

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Counseling Faculty / Professor of Counseling

Grossmont College

ASCCC OERI Area D Regional Lead

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