November '22 Blueprint Update


While my intention was to send the next update in August, I very much realize it is November.

Linnea Spitzer and Norma Cardenas continue to lead a Spanish translation project of the main Blueprint OER text (including an Oregon edition) and have collaborated to develop a research project studying the implementation of the Oregon edition of the Blueprint textbook. Their goal is to pilot the survey with students who have had experience with any version of the Blueprint text to check for confirmation that it is hitting the mark with what is intended. Would you please consider deploying the survey in your classes that use Blueprint (and/or if you may have former students who would be willing to take the survey based on their previous experience with the text)? The link for the survey is here and this is the full url: The last day for survey completion is Wednesday, November 23, 2022. Thank you for your support!

There were two temporary access issues with the Blueprint texts in September (9/15 and 9/22) where the link to the text did not work for a short period of time. I apologize for the brief interruption in access (and the alarm it caused). One was a network error on Pressbooks end that they quickly fixed and Iā€™m not sure what caused the other one. I did not send anything out because it took a while to confirm what the issue was and how widespread. But I appreciate those that reported it to me. Thank you!

While my plate continues to be overfull, I am committed to continuing to make improvements and modifications to the Blueprint text in areas related to (but not limited to) equity, recency, relevancy, and accessibility. And I am solidifying plans to do so in 2023-2024. More to come on that in a few months.

I wish you all a smooth and healthy end of the Fall term and a joyful holiday season.

Thank you,

Dave Dillon

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ASCCC OERI Area D Regional Lead

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