Webinar: Busting Myths about Fair Use in Open Education

New webinar from the Open Textbook Network (OTN) on fair use in open education next week!

There’s No 10% Rule, and It’s a Good Thing Too: Busting Myths about Fair Use in Open Education

Presenters: Carla Myers (Miami University), Will Cross (North Carolina State University)
Date & Time: Monday, July 27th, 1-2pm CT

If you have ever quoted another author in your writing, critiqued a work in context, or shared a funny cat gif online you’ve probably relied on fair use. As copyright’s central exception for the past quarter-century, fair use is a critical part of our academic and everyday lives. Unfortunately, due to misunderstanding and misinformation, many people don’t feel confident relying on this critical exception in their open education work.

Join copyright mythbusters Carla Myers and Will Cross to continue the discussion begun at the OTN Summit’s Fair Use & OER: Strange Bedfellows or BFF’s? webinar. They will review fair use basics and talk through common concerns we have heard from colleagues across the OTN. They’ll also bust some stubborn myths about fair use and offer a path for incorporating fair use into your OER authoring and open pedagogical practices. You will leave this session with a stronger understanding of fair use and a better sense of best practices that can help you assert your rights.

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