About the February 2022 C Cohort

We warmly welcome the Massachusetts Creation cohort to the Textbook Success Program, during which the following 7 teams will be working on their OER projects:

1. Child Growth and Development
Deirdre Budzyna, Doris Buckley , Rick Lizotte, Marilyn Billings, Sue Tashjian

2. BIO 104/104L: Human Biology I (Lecture/Lab)
Joseph Kele, Shanon Trueman, Marisha Marks, Chelsea Contrada

3. PSY110 - Lifespan Psychology
Kirsten Kortz, Gail Rankin, Susan Leonardi, Sue Tashjian

4. Conversations with the Earth: Climate Change in your time and your community
Lawrence McKenna, Millie Gonzalez, Rebecca Dowgiert, Barbara Ambos, Jim McGrath

6. ECE-160: Guiding Child Behavior
Beverly Pead, Laura Schlegal

7. Introduction to Literary Studies
Lisette Espinoza, Christina Gardner-Burns, Sue Tashjian, Susan Leonardi

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