About the July 2022 M-1 Cohort

We are excited to be supporting the 12th cohort of the Textbook Success Program! 5 teams will be working on their equity-centered OER projects. :closed_book: :green_book: :blue_book: :orange_book: :notebook: :books:

Take a look at the projects, teams, and participating institutions:

1. Cultural Anthropology *
Framingham State University: Demetrios Brellas, Millie Gonzalez, Rebecca Dowgiert, Barbara Ambos

2. Introduction to Statistics *
Framingham State University: Yvonne Anthony, Millie Gonzalez, Rebecca Dowgiert, Barbara Ambos

3. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology *
Holyoke Community College: Vanessa Martínez, Camille Close, Sean Casey

4. Spanish 203 - Spanish for Heritage Speakers *
Holyoke Community College: Raúl Gutiérrez, Idoia Martínez-del Mozo, Camille Close, Sean Casey
UMass Amherst: Theresa Dooley, Meghan Armstrong-

5. Developmental Mathematics (MTH 011) *
Holyoke Community College: Illeana Vasu, Max Ahmadov, Camille Close, Sean Casey

*with support from ROTEL Grant Consultants: Marilyn Billings, Jess Egan