About the February 2022 A Cohort

We warmly welcome the Massachusetts Adaptation Cohort to the Textbook Success Program, during which 5 teams will be working on their 5 OER projects.

1. Introduction to Physical Science
Santosha Adhibhatta, Millie Gonzalez, Rebecca Dowgiert, Barbara Ambos

2. EDU 113: Children, Families, Schools, and Communities
Joan Giovannini, Jess Egan, Camille Close, Kris Weimer, Amanda Henrichs

3. First Year Experience
Kyle Kraus, Judy Zaiken, Marisha Marks

4. General Psychology
Deborah McMakin, Nicole Rossi, Millie Gonzalez, Rebecca Dowgiert, Barbara Ambos

5. PHL 101 Introduction to Philosophy
Sondra Peron, Mary Wiseman

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Good morning @BAmbos ,

I was wondering if the ROTEL grant has any particular social media handles that you’d like Rebus to tag in our communications as we promote the resources being made by teams. If not, would you like us to tag teams’ institutions?




Thanks, that is a great idea.

I would think tagging ROTEL, though I don’t know if it has any social media accounts.

I will ask about the various institutional tags and get back to you as soon as I can.

Kind regards,



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