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Thanks Amanda. Your call will be included in the next Rebus Community Newsletter which comes out this Thursday, the 18th.

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Introduction to Philosophy open textbook series
Roles sought:

  • Editor for the Social and Political Philosophy book
  • Authors for chapters in several books in the series
  • Volunteers to input content into Pressbooks for publishing

This is a series of 9 books on topics often covered in Introduction to Philosophy courses, including Ethics, Metaphysics, Logic and Aesthetics. Each book has an editor and between 5-10 separate authors from various parts of the world.

Please see more information in the call for contributors.

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Awesome! I’ll add these calls to our upcoming newsletter. It comes out Thursday, the 18th.

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The Rebus Newsletter goes out this coming Thursday.

Don’t forget to post your calls for participation to be included. Repeat calls are welcome.

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Introduction to Philosophy open textbook series

Roles: Two peer reviewers for Introduction to Philosophy of Religion book

This book is part of a series of 9 books on topics often covered in Introduction to Philosophy courses, including Ethics, Metaphysics, Logic and Aesthetics. Each book has an editor and between 5-10 separate authors from various parts of the world.

Please see more information in the call for peer reviewers.

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Thanks Christina! We’ll include these calls in our upcoming newsletter. :slight_smile:

Hi! Can we amplify our call for reviewers in the newsletter? :pray:

  • Global Perspectives on Gender (Anthropology)
  • Seeking Chapter Peer Reviewers
  • This textbook will take a regional approach to examining gendered lives from a social science perspective (primarily anthropological).
    *More information & submission information here!
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Sure thing. I’ll also share on Twitter.


Title of project: Soil and Water Conservation: An Annotated Bibliography
Roles I’m looking to fill:

  • Authors of annotations
  • People to identify online resources for some sections of the textbooks
  • People to identify photos that are openly licensed or in the public domain that can be added to the textbook

What makes this project unique? The project uses an annotated bibliography format to allow the use of freely-available, but not openly shared materials online, such as copyrighted university extension bulletins. It is also designed to help train students to seek out credible sources, as opposed to relying solely on a textbook or trusting the first link they find online.
Contributor Marketplace: Call for Participation - Soil and Water Conservation

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Great to see your first CFP! And you got it in before I send out the newsletter today. Expect to see it this afternoon in both the newsletter and the Rebus Community Twitter.

Let me know if you have any questions about how we amplify calls for participation. :grinning::mega:

@LeighKP, we’d love to amplify this call one more time! Christina can confirm if there are any edits to be made to the CFP. :slight_smile:

Sure thing. It shall be included in our May 30th newsletter. Expect a tweet shortly.

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Thanks! I think the CFP is fine as is. We may already have one peer reviewer (@beau.branson is following up to confirm) but it doesn’t hurt to keep the word “two” in there for now, until we hear otherwise.


Hello! Here’s what I’m working on!

  • the title and subject of your project: It’s All Greek to Me! Using Authentic Readings to Improve Knowledge of the English Language and Western Culture–advanced ESL, pre-University ESL, covering all 4 aspects if needed (reading, writing, listening, speaking), using Greek mythology and relevant articles.

  • the role you are looking to fill: Proofreaders for the stories, examining for story inconsistencies or any areas where stories could be better developed for reading ease by deleting confusing, unnecessary parts. Checking questions to make sure they are worded properly. Knowledge of CEFR levels, academic word lists, and corpi (corpuses???) would be great.

  • one sentence about what makes your project unique: This textbook combines literature and academic articles, using stories from Greek myths to explain vocabulary and idioms used in English that come from the stories.

  • a link to a relevant topic in the Contributor Marketplace where interested applicants can indicate their interest: Call for reviewers / editors: It's All Greek to Me ESL textbook

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Terrific. Look forward to your CFP in the May 30 newsletter and on Twitter.

Hi everyone.

I’m putting together the Rebus Community Newsletter to go out Thursday. If anyone would like me to re-share a CFP or share a new CFP let me know by Thursday at noon EST.

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Are there still newsletters going out right now? Here’s a new call for the Intro to Philosophy project!

Introduction to Philosophy Open Textbook Series: This is a series of nine open textbooks on various philosophical topics that can be used for Introduction to Philosophy courses.

We are looking for chapter authors for a few books in the series (Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science), peer reviewers for Aesthetics, copy editors for books that are nearing publication, and people to input the chapters from Google Docs into Pressbooks.

Please see our post in the Contributor Marketplace at Rebus Community for more info!

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There sure are! Every other Thursday, with the next one coming out on the 25th of July. Your CFPs will be included. :grinning:

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Hi everyone. We’re streamlining the process for getting your calls for participation into the Rebus Community newsletter and Twitter feed. As such, we’ll be retiring this thread.

To amplify your CFPs through our channels, simply post in the Contributor Marketplace. I’ll respond when I’ve seen your call.

If you’d like me to repeat a call that already exists, simply post in the call and tag me. I’m @LeighKP.