Audio and Video content

Can Rebus/Pressbook host the audio/video that goes into the books or do they need to be placed elsewhere (youtube/vime/soundcloud etc) and embedded /llinked in the book?

thank you

Audio or video files can be uploaded to Pressbooks directly if necessary, but I would advise against this mainly because this can result in very large files for download. This would make downloading the book difficult for students with limited internet bandwidth or not enough memory space on their computers (or even for adapters who might be remixing the book for their own needs).

Embedding or linking to video and audio files in the book is a great option — you can use sites like Vimeo, YouTube, or Soundcloud. Since the primary purpose of these sites is to host audio/video files, it should also be easier to use their tools to make these elements accessible (by adding captions, linking to transcripts, etc.) The Blueprint for Success book is a great example of one that embeds a number of videos throughout the book.