[EDU|AUDIO] Blueprint for Success in College and Career [Lead: Dave Dillon, Grossmont College]

We are making an audio version of Dave Dillon’s Blueprint for Success in College and Career.

We need:

  • audio recorders
  • audio editors
  • boosters and fans

Join us?

Post below to join the project, tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi i’d like to record chapter 15!

Hello @hugh!

Thanks for your support and encouragement for this project!

Here is an update and a question for you:

I can give more context if needed, but essentially this audio project is ready to be released and we’re debating about what platform(s) to release it in. Lee Pierce, the SUNY Geneseo Public Speaking instructor who spearheaded her students audio recording themselves reading each chapter is suggesting LibriVox hosting if that may be possible?


“I think the first thing to do is ask LibriVox if this project could be hosted on their site. It solves all of our problems and allows students with iTunes to get the book on their phone that way (not through Apple Podcasts I don’t believe, which is good) and for people with Android or Google devices we can give them instructions to download a podcast app and subscribe to the RSS feed. Here’s a sample: https://librivox.org/short-story-collection-085-by-various/

Hi Dave,
LibriVox is very specifically for:
a) public domain books
b) not self-published books

So, I’m not sure this project qualifies.

I would investigate uploading directly to the Internet Archive, and tagging as audiobook. See: https://archive.org/account/login