Math & Pressbooks

Hey @oct22-b-cohort As promised, I’ve found some resources for you and your teams around math equations in Pressbooks:

@james.boffenmyer- turns out LaTeX is compatible with Pressbooks! There is an OER all about Using LaTeX in Pressboks that you may find beneficial to skim through.

The Pressbooks User Guide also has a section around adding mathematical notations (with both LaTex and MathJax)

I also wanted to point your attention to an Introduction to (Ethical) Statistics OER: Numbers Don’t Lie (but People do). I encourage you all to take a look at the team’s Project Summary.

As always, if you have any questions or need any assistance in finding something in particular, don’t hesitate to reach out! :slight_smile:


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@kaitlin Thank you for sharing these resources.

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Question about embedded videos.
From working on other sites, I know that to embed videos, the link must be placed in the HTML coding. Is this the case with Pressbooks? If so, how difficult is that process?
Adding a link to open in a new window or tab is easy and may be the best way to add videos.
Thanks in advance.

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Great question Donna,

Displaying media in Pressbooks is overall pretty easy to do, and you don’t necessarily need to switch to the HTML view. If you’re wanting to embed a video (or any other embedded media, like Tweets or podcasts), you can just copy and paste the link into the visual editor. The Display Embedded Media chapter in the Pressbooks User Guide offers a great breakdown of the different types of media you can easily embed into Pressbooks.

I followed the instructions in the document.

  1. Copied the embed code
  2. Pasted the iframe code in the Text editor
  3. Saved.
    Only the code showed in the book.
    I then tried to use the <> code feature of the text editor, same result.
    I then tried to put the code as a link (I knew this wouldn’t work but decided to try), same result.
    What am I doing wrong?

Could it be because Vimeo is not on the list of allowable providers? We want the video to open within the book and not as a link.
Pressbooks restricts the embedding on iframes from most other sites for security reasons. We will allow iframes to be embedded from the following providers, however:

Note: Network managers can permit the embedding of iframes from any other trusted provider via a network-specific iframe allowlist. Contact your network manager with questions about embedding iframes from sources other than those listed above.

Hey Donna,

Thanks for letting me know you’re trying to upload Vimeo. You should be able to embed Vimeo into Pressbooks, similar to YouTube, where you just copy and paste the link into the Visual Editor. On Vimeo, you click the share button, and can copy the link there (no need for the iframe code).

I did a test run of a few Vimeo links in Pressbooks and noticed one video wouldn’t embed at all, but the other one worked. Below is a screen shot of what appeared in the video that didn’t work. It could be the video has domain restrictions.

If this doesn’t work, let me know.

@kaitlin - thanks for helping @ddensmore with the embedding of the videos in the pressbook. I like the way this looks in the text and I feel it will be a great additional resource for us!

Check out an example here: Trig Angles and Triangles – Trigonometry

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Thanks for sharing this @jeusea ! The video looks fantastic in this chapter - looking forward to hearing more this week!

Hey @oct22-b-cohort,

I know many of you have faced some learning curves with LaTeX and Pressbooks thus far. I’ll be meeting with a colleague next week who has expertise in this area, so if there are any specific questions around LaTeX, MathJax, Pressbooks, or Math OER more generally, please reply to this thread and I’ll try to get your questions answered. :slight_smile:


Hey teams!

I know some of you were interested in how to get that drop down option in boxes and I found the HTML coding for it:

Hope this helps!


This is from Emily’s email for the show solution.

The full HTML for the “show solution” accordion is:

<details><summary>Show Solution</summary>

<p> *(put your answer here)* </p>


Or this if you want the solution in a shaded textbox:

<div class="textbox shaded">

<details><summary>Show Solution</summary>

<p> *(put your answer here)* </p>