Call for contributors (authors, others) to OER: Understanding the Holocaust

Welcome teammates, collaborators, and participants! We value your attention and constructive support, including your comments and suggestions. We invite collaborators to a project designed to provide content to secondary and college students in the social sciences and humanities, among other disciplines. Our goal is to produce a pressbook that will help more students, teachers, schools, and communities include the Holocaust and Human Rights Education in our evolving and online curricula.

Please feel free to explore and learn about our project. We hope to include you and value your strengths as educators, creators, and critics.

We will issue a more formal CFP ASAP.

Project director: Michael Polgar, PhD
Penn State University

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I’m wondering if we should use “Our goal is to produce a pressbook…” versus “an online textbook” or “an open educational resource (OER)”. I don’t know how many know what Pressbooks is.

Other than that, I think this works well.

I know it’s lame to respond when I’m not really in a position to participate or help, but I still wanted to say thank you for taking on such an important topic. :heart:


Thank you for your encouragement, sir!