Call for Proposals: The Holocaust

Please consider this Call For Participation #cfp an invitation to collaborate. Please also feel free to share it with colleagues in your professional communities.

We’re pleased to invite your participation in The Holocaust: Remembrance, Respect, and Resilience. This free online textbook will help students learn about the Holocaust through a series of chapters and other online resources. Educators will be able to easily adopt any portion of this textbook and Open Educational Resource (OER).

This text is geared toward high school, college, and other students studying the Holocaust and human rights. It will create and adapt flexible course resources and information for teachers and learners. It will also inspire more extensive and engaging uses of Holocaust and human rights education.

The five-part book and its component chapters will be edited and then shared as a dynamic and online Pressbook. The text will be oriented towards a series of learning objectives, including many approved by national and international communities. An initial outline of the text is available here.

If you are interested in participating in one or more important roles on our team, please complete our online form (linked below) and/or reply by email as soon as possible. If you are interested in writing or editing a chapter, we would discuss your focus area with you; then we would either assign you a topic area from our outline or develop a new sub-topic with you based on your expertise. Collaborations are possible in one or more of these capacities:

  1. Author – Write a chapter or part of a chapter to contribute to the book. Potential authors will be asked for an abstract and a writing sample.
  2. Chapter Editor – Edit a portion of the written content of the book.
  3. Reviewer – Review some of the content of the book and provide suggestions.
  4. Advisory Board – Provide guidance and leadership around the development, review and dissemination of the book.
  5. General Support – Assist in creating, updating or the delivering the text and resources.
  6. Other role – Please let us know if you can help in another way (provide artwork, communicate with potential adopters/teachers, etc.).

We are scheduling this work to be done during the summer and early fall of 2020. Initial deadlines for written contributions will be in late summer. Completed written work will be expected in Microsoft Word format, reviewed, and first edited therein. A glossary, online bibliography, and other helpful resources will be made available to all authors and editors.

Participants who express interest sooner are more likely to be selected and assigned their preferred roles and responsibilities. The book is being developed with support from the Rebus Community, a Canada-based non-profit open publisher.

We hope you are interested and have time to reply and help with this collective project! We would love to engage in a conversation to discuss your interest or potential role. Please complete the Qualtrics form and feel free to email any of us.

  • We encourage contributing writers to respond ASAP or by June 9th
  • We hope writers will submit a first draft of accepted chapters by July 21, 2019.
  • Estimated length of chapter: 2,500–4000 words (negotiable)
  • Projected initial publication date: November 2020 (updates to the text and its resources will be done regularly thereafter).

Thank you!

Michael Polgar, Ph.D. (Lead author, editor, Professor at Penn State University)
Suki John, Ph.D., (Editor of arts content, Professor of Dance at Texas Christian University)
Julie Meyer, (Instructional Designer and Project Director)

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