Call for Contributors for Teacher Prep Text Book

Hello. My name is Heather and I’m new to the Rebus Community. I work at a community college in Oregon, USA. I am starting an open text book project for a teacher preparation program. Our current text is definitely not written through a DEI lens, and I’d like to change and improve upon that. I’m searching for a diverse group of contributors that are interested in this project and of course writing it through a DEI lens. Thank you


Hi Heather,

I hope all is well.

Sounds like a great project and I’m interested. Can you send me some more details?

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Hi Heather!
I’d love to learn more about your project. I also work at a community college in the area of teacher preparation (early childhood, elementary, and secondary) and care deeply about issues of equity and DEI. You can reach me at let’s chat about details and timelines.

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Hi Tremika,
I’m so excited to see your interest!!
Do you think I could get your email? There is one other person also interested and I’m thinking we could start an email thread and then maybe Zoom?
But for basic details, there is a chance to write a grant for the project in my home state of Oregon this spring. The work on the textbook could start anytime, however! We could start outlining it and brainstorming, etc.
And just as background, my impetus to start this project is based around a horrible textbook that my college chose to use for an experimental course they piloted for a grant program. I was totally appalled by the textbook (which claimed to be through a DEI lens) but I felt had some outdated and damaging ideas. So this made me want to create something good!
My email:
Personal email:
My work email is:
Excited to connect!

Hello Joan!
Thank you for your note. I’m very excited to see the interest and I just also replied to Tremika as well. I’m wondering if we could start an email thread about the project and then possibly Zoom. It sounds like you have a lot of applicable experience to this project!
I will shoot you an email right now.
Very excited to connect!!


Thank you for replying! My email is so you can contact me directly.

Oh wow- I know what you mean. I have worked on some educational projects where I had to review K-12 academic content to determine if it was culturally appropriate or sensitive. Let’s just say it was quite interesting and disheartening!!!

I look forward to connecting and working with you on this project!

Tremika C.

I’m so excited to connect. I will reach out to you via email!!