Call for contributors to OpenStax Psychology book

Name: A Community Effort to Enhance the Diversity of OpenStax Psychology
Subject: Annotating
What we need: People who know cool stuff about psychology! (more specifically, people who want to increase the representation and diversity of the OpenStax Psychology book)
Contributor requirements: People with awesome ideas:nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:

The goal of this project is to increase the representation and diversity of marginalized people/underrepresented groups in the upcoming revision of OpenStax Psychology. In line with the goals of open educational resources and pedagogy, this project has been designed to allow a large number of people to contribute to this effort and influence what information is considered important enough for inclusion. This project is being managed by Amy Nusbaum (Ph.D. candidate, Washington State University;, with help from Anthony Palmiotto at OpenStax ( Feel free to contact either of us with any questions you have!

A Pressbooks copy of the current OpenStax Psychology text has been created at: Hypothesis (an annotation tool, learn more at: has been enabled on this page you should see it as a tool bar on the right side of your page that can be expanded by clicking on the arrow at the top of the page. You will need to create an account to contribute, but may use an account name other than your full name if you are more comfortable doing so. Then, annotate away! The goal is for people to show us where information should be included, what information should be changed, or general comments you may have on entire topics. If you need help navigating Hypothesis, that can be found here:

If you are unable to identify a specific section of the book that your information fits with, or you have more general comments to be made about the process, book, or idea, we have also set up a Qualtrics survey where ideas can be provided: You can do so anonymously or provide your identity note that if you provide us with contact information, we can follow up on questions we may have.

A full call for participation as well as a rubric to guide the process can be found on the Open Science Framework at:


Ooh love this framing

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@amy.nusbaum @anthony Nice project! Im tagging some people who know more about Psychology than I do, in the hopes that they can participate or help spread the word. If you wanted us to share the call in our channels, could you possibly let us know in this topic ( @LeighKP keeps an eagle eye on this topic and will be happy to share this call once posted there. :slight_smile:

@rajiv.jhangiani @carrie.cuttler @danaleighton @openaccesscptextbook @jfpo1991, perhaps you will find this interesting to collaborate on, or can share it with others!

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Yes, this is wonderful, @amy.nusbaum It dovetails nicely with a possible summer project I am working on to analyze the group-based stereotypes in Psychology intro textbooks. It has been done in CJ, and Id like to do it in Psych. I think I may be too busy with that to contribute. Is there a planned completion date? If its this summer, I may be able to include the new edition in my analysis.


Were probably looking at a late summer/early fall completion date, depending on some moving parts.

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Yes waiting for the summer completion date. as soon as we the news will be published through essay outline template it will be easy for the participant to get ready.