Call for participation

Title: GlobalMusix: Contemporary Music Throughout the World

Project Management Team:

  • Robin Armstrong,, @robinarmstrong
  • Fran Cincotta,
  • Karen Rege,

Target Audience: High school and general education college students
Subject: Music / World Music
Target Release Date: Summer 2021

Many colleges and universities offer music-appreciation style courses to fulfill humanities and arts general education requirements, and a course in world music increasingly fulfills this objective while offering a globally-focused and diverse curriculum. While several OER texts exist for a European-centered music appreciation course, world music OERs lack number and depth. Additionally, traditional textbooks rarely include balanced amounts of information on both traditional and contemporary musical styles and genres, so even the choices of high-quality commercial textbooks are severely limited. Our open text book will contain the same rich and detailed content that the best commercially available texts offer, balanced between contemporary and traditional styles in order to make a World Music course more broadly accessible to more students.

We are in need of:

  • General Reviewers with no music background to help us ensure clarity for a general education audience
  • Copy Editors and Proof Readers
  • Formatting in Pressbook
  • Accessibility Reviewers

If you are able to help, reply below, email Robin Armstrong at or DM @RobinARmstrong in the Rebus Community.