CanLII Manual wins legal publishing award!

Hi @oct19-cohort — I hope you have all been keeping well and are having a good summer so far. I’m writing to share some very exciting news from @alazear about the “Manual to BC Civil Litigation.” As you all remember, this was the project that Alisa was managing at CanLII during our cohort. Since it’s publication last year, the manual has been quite well-used. Last Friday, the team added another accolade to the book: it received the 2021 Hugh Lawford Award for Excellence in Legal Publishing.

The award “was initiated as a means of acknowledging the work that is done by publishers to provide the legal profession with high quality materials for use in understanding and researching the law. It is hoped that this award serves both as a means to honour publishers who have produced excellent products and to encourage excellence in new publishing endeavours.” (Canadian Association of Law Libraries) I think this is a testament to Alisa’s leadership, as well as the team’s collaboration and hard work in creating the resource. It validates what we’ve said all along about OER being a credible and quality alternative to traditional texts, not only in higher or K-12 education but also for the legal field.

Congratulations again, Alisa and team! I hope the rest of the cohort will join in on these celebrations. :tada: :clap:t5:


Thanks Apurva! I am so happy to see this work be recognized by this association of law librarians. The support I’ve had from this program and from my fellow tsp classmates was a big part in it’s success! Thank you all !!!

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