Monthly check-in: January

Happy new year, @feb21-cohort! This is a reminder that we’ll be meeting tomorrow for our penultimate check-in. Looking forward to seeing you all then!

Hey everyone! I’m following up with the chat transcript and resources shared from our last conversation.

@nikifayne had a question about licensing and attributing content created on Canva. I’ve done a bit of research, and these are my takeaways (as someone who is not a lawyer, this isn’t legal advice):

  • You retain ownership of your User Content - aka, the designs you create using Canva templates, with your own text, etc. is owned by you (this does not include content created using stock photos provided by Canva). See section 4.1 of their general Terms of Use.
  • The Canva logo and branding itself is the IP of the company, and cannot be reproduced
  • Most of the stock images are licensed under an open or royalty-free license, but of course you’d have to check the license on that image to be sure. Since I didn’t see images (only illustrations) in Caitlin’s book, I’m not going to worry about this piece.
  • This article on the Canva website offers a very straightforward explanation of their rules.

I would encourage you, Niki, to post a question in the Creative Commons listserv (, where members of their team (often including lawyers) offer their interpretations of various policies. You can also try asking the open community in the CCCOER mailing list, linked above. Hopefully what they say will align with what I’ve found. As we mentioned during the check-in, the more specifics of your use-case you can provide, the better.

Reminder that we have our last (!) check-in next month, on February 15. Please post your goals, here in this thread, if you have any you’re working towards and want to stay accountable for. We’ll be doing a bit of a recap and reflecting over the year, so please come ready to share!