Phase Two Session 3 Licensing Pre-Work and Recap


I’d like to treat our next Phase 2 Group Cohort meeting on Thursday, July 28 from 12:30-2:00 p.m as a “flipped classroom” experience. In preparation for our time together, please look over the resources below.

  1. Watch this brief video I made for my CC Certificate about the history and purpose of Creative Commons

  2. Read the Guide to CC licences

  3. Use the CC licence selector tool to select a possible CC license for your work.

Please come to the session prepared to discuss the CC license you have chosen for your OER and why you chose it. Also, please share any initial questions you have about the licenses by replying to this thread.

Here is the link for our Phase 2 Session 3 Meeting: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Looking forward to seeing you!

Dear @feb22cuny-cohort members,

Please note that the change in your calendars only refers to the day, but not the usual meeting time which is still 12.30 ET. The calendar also shows Liza’s Mountain time, but doesn’t affect when your cohort will be meeting.

Happy summer greetings from the Canadian prairies,

All, thank you so much to those who attended our working session on licensing today. I hope the activities we went through helped you to think about how you can use, remix, and adapt existing OER and images in your own work.

Here are the license choices we shared in our session today:

  • Rebecca CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
  • Missy CC BY-SA 4.0
  • Antoni CC BY 4.0
  • Maria CC BY 4.0

If you do not see your license here, please post it as a reply to this forum.

Here is a link to our chat transcript: Chat Transcript Licensing CUNY 7.28.2022 - Google Docs

Scott was also kind enough to capture all the links we shared today. There are a variety of image resources here. I have provided brief annotations to remind you what these are as a recap to today’s session

Rebus resource on Creative Commons licensing CC Licensing Guide – A Guide to Making Open Textbooks with Students

CC License Tool (to help you choose the license that works best with your OER goals):

My 3-minute video on the history and purpose of Creative Commons: ​Introduction to Creative Commons - YouTube

The worksheet activity from our session today (we completed exercise 1a and discussed our choices): Copy of TSP Phase 2 Session 3: Open Licensing Worksheet - Google Docs

Liza’s students’ OER, which shows TASL attribution for images from Wikimedia Commons as well as how to link out to sources that cannot be remixed or adapted because of copyright (but can still be referenced by your OER): Beginnings and Endings: A Critical Edition – Simple Book Publishing

Links for open access images in addition to Wikimedia Commons:

A tutorial on how to set starting and ending points on YouTube videos that you plan to embed: How to Link to a Certain Time in a YouTube Video - YouTube

Two sources on screenshots and copyright (a question raised by Rebecca’s image choice):

Ching-Jung advised us to try to obtain permission from the copyright holder if we plan to use screenshots. We also discussed possible fair use exceptions for screenshots.

I found this resource that supports the application of fair use to screenshots in OER, walking you through the four-factor test: How does fair use work for screenshots? - Ask A Librarian.

I really appreciated your engagement with today’s session! Our next meetings will be 1:1s. Here is the sign up spreadsheet link for Thursday, August 25: CUNY TSP Phase 2 Sign-up Sheet 1:1 - Google Sheets

If these times don’t work for you, please email me and suggest a few other times that will work. I am looking forward to updates on your projects!

THANKS for posting this (I missed the last part of the session due to internet connection issues)