Phase 2, Second group meeting,

Friends in @feb22c-cohort,

For our group cohort meeting this month, there was interest expressed in a discussion of issues around Creative Commons licensing for OER.

We’ve decided to handle this a bit like a flipped classroom: we are asking you to do the following things before our group meeting:

  1. Watch the short (10min) overview video here: Choose and Use Creative Commons Licenses for Open Educational Resources - YouTube
  2. The slides used in that video are available here:
  3. The last slide of that deck, titled “Your Homework”, has links to four short
    documents that give concise information on topics around the issue of CC licensing for OER – please read them! (Clearly, if you are already familiar with the subject in any of the documents, feel free to skim or even skip it entirely.)

In our group meeting, we will discuss the content of those documents and then work through examples which apply those ideas to situations relevant to your actual current OER work.

Our session is scheduled to meet 28 July 2022 , 3:30-5:00pm ET … but remember when we started Phase2, we said that the group meetings would be only one hour and the 1:1 meetings would be 20min per team, so in theory the session could finish at 4:30pm ET. However, since several teams were traveling or otherwise unable to come to 1:1 sessions in June, maybe we should use the full hour and a half for discussion and updates? Let’s play it by ear and see if there is a lot to talk about, or if indeed an hour suffices!

I assume the same zoom room will still be ok – that link would be Launch Meeting - Zoom, I think. Can you confirm that it will be OK, please, @stashjian, and that you will be able to open that zoom room?

A couple final things to do before our meeting (if the flipped-classroom approach to CC licensing wasn’t already enough!):

  1. Related to the licensing discussion: Please reply to this post with any questions you have about the licensing material in general, and any specific concerns you have for your particular work.
  2. Please reply to this post with the goals/steps/challenges you have for the next month of your work, as we have said will be a regular part of our Phase 2 work. For a reminder of what that’s about, see my recap post dated May 30th on the thread at this URL: Phase 2, first group meeting! (May 26th, 2022) - #2 by poritzj

Looking forward to our group session next week!


Hi all,
In terms of general licensing questions… I am just very worried about using something that I should not, but also do not want to have to reinvent the wheel for every little thing. I am mostly curious to have a refresher on CC licensing, and to get some concrete examples of how things can be used (and how they should not) based on license so I know what to look for when I am looking at an existing resource.

For the next month… my biggest challenge is turning out to be having the mental space and actual time to sit and write! I often have 15 minutes here or there during the day to jot down notes, but I am finding it harder than I hoped to carve out extended periods of time for writing. That said, I think that I REALLY need this week’s conversation because I am hoping that once I have a better sense of what I can reuse, the idea of writing won’t seem so overwhelming.