Phase 2, August 1:1 meetings


First of all, I apologize for having been less than communicative recently: I’ve been handing a bit of a family emergency that seriously absorbed my attention. I’m very sorry if you felt your Rebus connection was a bit tenuous in this time! Hopefully you were happily busy on your OER creation projects anyway, and we can catch up in the August 1:1s where I can answer any questions you might have.

Let me remind you that our last group session, the July meeting, had the additional topic of a discussion of Creative Commons licensing. I gave a lot of information and links in the post Phase 2, Second group meeting – please look that over if you still have licensing concerns!

In fact, just to help everyone feel comfortable with the licensing issue, would someone from each team please post a reply to this post stating:

  • If you have chosen a license for you work, what is it and why did you make that choice?
  • If you haven’t made a choice yet, what are your concerns/questions about this topic that are keeping you from making that choice?
  • In either case, are there any other issues around licensing that are worrying you (like whether you can remix certain other CC-licensed materials you have found into your own OER, given the choice of license you have made and the license on that other material … or any other issue you might have in this area!)

OK, on to our August 1:1s – Please look at the “August 25” tab of the spreadsheet Feb 22c Cohort, Phase 2, 1:1 Sign-up Sheet - Google Sheets . I changed it a little from the last time we used it, by no longer suggesting that most 1:1 meetings should be on a particular day (the 25th). Instead, since I am really eager to meet with all teams, I ask you and your team to pick any time that works for your team in the week of August 22-26. Well, there are two short excluded times, mentioned on the spreadsheet, but really almost any time (also before or after usual “business hours”) will work.

When you pick a date and time, put it on a new row in the spreadsheet, say who will attend, and put the link to your reply post (on this thread!) stating your goals/steps/challenges this month (remember that process was described in my second post on the thread Phase 2, first group meeting! (May 26th, 2022) ). Any links to work in progress or updated pages/chapters/guides would also be great, so I can come to our 1:1 meeting maximally prepared!

I ask that you give me at least two or three days (or even more!) lead time from when you enter your selected meeting time in the spreadsheet to when the meeting should happen, just so I can be organized and ready. That means that if you want to meet early in the week of August 22nd, please put your chosen meeting time in that spreadsheet before the end of this week!

Looking forward to talking to everyone and learning how your projects are going!




Reminder: Please sign up for 1:1 meetings this week! The sign-up spreadsheet is at the URL Feb 22c Cohort, Phase 2, 1:1 Sign-up Sheet - Google Sheets .

I’ve had a slight change in when I am free, which means that you should pick any 20 minute period in the
following windows:

  • Tuesday 23 August: Any time!
  • Wednesday 24 August: between 11:30am EST and 3:30pm EST
  • Thursday 25 August: after 11:15am EST
  • Friday 26 August: Any time!

Please see the first post in this thread for other details.

Looking forward to seeing you this week!

Hello, Johnathan-
Friday, August 26 09:00 Eastern Daylight for Convos with the Earth. See you then.

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