TSP Phase 2 Session 3 Planning to License (Friday, July 29, 2022 at 9:30 am EST)

Hello Adaption Cohort! We are almost at the end of July, so that means our Phase 2 Session 3 will be this coming week on Friday, July 29, 2022 at 9:30 am EST. Summer is flying by, so I hope you are enjoying it while you can and staying cool. It is very warm here where I am.

On Friday, we are going to be going over licensing. So, to prepare for the session:

  1. Have your curated list of resources with their licenses available.

  2. You can review this video on “Choose and Use Creative Commons Licenses for Open Educational Resources” by a peer facilitator Jonathan Poritz at Choose and Use Creative Commons Licenses for Open Educational Resources - YouTube (Review the slides here: https://poritz.net/j/share/chooseanduseCC.pdf)

  3. You can review this article on Creative Commons Cheat Sheet For Higher Education at https://poritz.net/j/share/CCcheat.pdf.

  4. During the session we will do a brief activity during the session to identify the right license for the resources.

  5. Finally, during the session we will have a chance to reviewing your resources, so we can answer any questions, or identify question areas, and work to identify a license for your project.

Please reach out to me or post here any questions or concerns you may have about the session.

  • Julie Meyer

I just want to remind you that tomorrow’s session is from 9:30- 10:30 am. Don’t forget to have your resources for your project ready to review.
We will be meeting in the zoom room from Phase 1.
And be sure to bring any questions to the session.

  • JulieM

@feb22a-cohort If you would like to follow along with the slides today, here is the link: Phase2_Session3 - Google Slides. You will need to access charts in slides for activities today.

  • JulieM

hello julie,
my apologies for the inexcusable late notice…
but i have a child custody snafu involving getting to summer camp this morning!
i will catch up with you next week.
take care,

OK. Please visit the sign up sheet for 1:1 for next month and sign up for a time. If you want to catch up next week, let me know. The spread sheet is at: Cohort A Feb 22 - Sign-up Sheet 1:1 - Google Sheets . And visit the August 26 tab to sign up for a time.

We are experiencing some connection issues this morning. Please use this zoom link:
Launch Meeting - Zoom to join today’s session. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for participating in the July session. The recording link has been forwarded to ROTEL to share to those who could not log in to the session and the link to the slides are at Phase2_Session3 - Google Slides .

Please take a few moments and sign up for a 1:1 for August 26 (click the tab for August). If you are unable to attend one of the time’s provided please email me to schedule an alternative time. The link to the spreadsheet is Cohort A Feb 22 - Sign-up Sheet 1:1 - Google Sheets.

As you are working through licensing and reviewing the licensing of the resources you have curated look at Activity 3 of this activity to really think deeper about assigning a license TSP Phase 2 Session 3: Open Licensing Worksheet - Google Docs .

Remember to reach out to your librarian and discuss the license you plan to asign and ask any questions. Also, do not hesitate to bring your licensing and work toward reviewing the resources to 1:1 to talk with me a bit more, if you are still in the muddy waters of licensing.

To better understand the versioning of the licenses, you will have to review the history of OER. I found a link to Fox Valley Technical College’s History or OER Background: Creative Commons – Licensing and OER. This gets very technical into the versions at Timeline - OER Background: Creative Commons (CC) - Licensing and OER - Library Home at Fox Valley Technical College. I hope this historical look at OER helps in understanding, if you wish to dig deeper into understanding the versions.

Another resource that will be helpful is a sample of a release statement, if you plan to have students contribute work to your project you can visit a sample here https://www.montgomerycollege.edu/_documents/offices/elite/student-release-of-course-materials.pdf . You can use this and customize it for your project. Also, you may want to create a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding for other authors or contributors to your project. Please reach out and I can share a copy of one we used for a project I am working on. This could help release and track those contributions. And do not forget to give them recognition in the front or back matter, and you can even do a highligt about the author of this section and include a brief biography of who they are.

Thank you again for attending today’s session. And I look forward to meeting up with you in August.

  • Julie
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