Session 1 — Introductions

@feb20-cohort Our first session will take place tomorrow, Feb. 26, at 9am ET on Zoom (at our standard meeting link). We’ll start with what we think is one of the most important pieces of the program — introductions and getting to know more about each other, our projects, the platform, and the Rebus approach to publishing.

Below I’ve included the slides and handouts accompanying this session, which I hope you’ll find as useful reference:

  1. Handout: Introductions
  2. Slides: Introductions

All slides and handouts created for the program are licensed CC BY, so anyone is free to reuse, adapt, remix, and more, as they see fit.

I look forward to chatting more tomorrow. See you all then! :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who joined us at our session this morning! It was a pleasure to hear about each of your projects, and to learn a little more about you and your goals for your project and the program.

As promised, I’ve saved a copy of the chat transcript for reference, and have also pulled out a list of the resources that we shared on the call:

It’s great to see a few project homepages created already (good going @karasinc & @mfp11)! For anyone looking for instructions on creating a homepage for your project, please take a look at our user guide, where we have a section dedicated to project creation. I look forward to seeing notifications as new homepages are created.

As I mentioned, next week, we’ll be covering Project scoping and framing your project, and I’ll do my best to incorporate some answers to your questions on selecting licenses. See you all face-to-face on Zoom next week, and in this discussion space in the meantime! :slight_smile:

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Coming back to that question about where to find images, I want to share the recent news out of the Smithsonian.

They’re sharing 2.8 million images and data now available in public domain!