Conferences/events to share our open publishing projects & ideas!

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone knows of any good conferences or events that would welcome discussion on our open publishing projects. Also, how do you stay informed of these events? List serves, word of mouth, online directories, newsletters?



Hi Alisa,

I subscribe to the following listservs: CCCOER Advisory Listserv (, Sparc (, and Creative Commens (

As for conferences, there are so many! I’m particularly excited about OTESSA this year in London, Ontario. There’s also the LPF, CC Global, OER 20 and a bunch of regional conferences.

Oh, and since you’re in Montreal, there’s also CNIE at Concordia.


Leigh is always up-to-date about conferences and events, so I second all of her suggestions! The listservs are a great way to get a compilation of news & upcoming events, instead of having to scour for this information yourself online.

Since your team is based in BC, the Festival of Learning 2020 might be an interesting event for them to consider in the summer. There’s also Open Education Week coming up in March, which is a great asynchronous event that takes place around the world.

I’ll also suggest keeping an eye out on Twitter, if you or someone on the CanLII team is on there. You’ll often see calls for proposals being amplified on here, or sometimes, see a particular hashtag trending if an event if ongoing, and can make a note to apply to attend the same event next time around.

It’s also worth seeing whether the topics and themes for legal conferences/events can be broad enough to present on your project! While the focus might not be on open publishing in particular, you could use the disciplinary overlap to talk about your project and slowly weave in other aspects that the audience might find new and interesting.

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