CFP: Shaping and Sharing Learning through Open Pedagogy: Case Studies of Student-Teacher Collaborations

Are you employing open pedagogical practices with you students? Would you like to share your ideas as part of a roundtable session?

We’re excited to invite proposal submissions for our roundtable titled Shaping and Sharing Learning through Open Pedagogy: Case Studies of Student-Teacher Collaborations.
Venue: Northeast MLA Convention (NEMLA 2020) to be held in Boston, MA March 5-8, 2020

This session seeks participants who will present short case studies on the open projects their students are working on and share the impact these projects have had on the teaching and learning experience. Questions we might explore include but are not limited to: From what need(s) did your project arise? Has your project involved any partnerships beyond the classroom (e.g. librarians, instructional designers)? What has the student response been to the use of open pedagogical methods? How has this project impacted student performance?

Submit your abstract before September 30, 2019 here

If you have any question, please feel free to ask.

Thank you,
Ashwini Ganeshan (Assistant Professor of Spanish, Ohio University) and Bryan McGeary (Information Literacy Librarian, Dickinson College)

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Happy to see you here! I’ll share this via Twitter and our newsletter. The next newsletter goes out July 25th. Your CFP will be included in that issue. Do you have any Twitter handles I should link to?

If you are interested, you can also set up a dedicated discussion space for your project in our Open Textbook in Development category. I know you’re project isn’t a textbook strictly speaking, but it might be a good place to organize conversations around your project. The steps to doing that can be found here:

Sounds like this will be a great session! @trobbins1981, @wardjulie, – you might have a lot to bring to this roundtable, so tagging you here in case you are interested.

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