Open Pedagogy: Check-in

Hi @alexisclifton & Kimberly (@uropenpedagogy), hope you both are doing well!

I just wanted to check-in with you both and see how you are finding your new project home. Do you have any questions, or require any assistance as you get set up?

Hoping too that your call for participation has been well-received!

Let us know if you’d like us to share any more calls for your project soon. Until then, we look forward to seeing the team grow!

Hi Apurva,

We look forward to working with Rebus and exploring what benefits the community offers as well as how we can contribute to the community. Our team plans to meet on Monday and begin these conversations.

As far as the CFP goes, our due date has now closed and we have 50 submissions to consider! We are really happy with the response, where three of our four categories/definitions of “open pedagogy” are pretty well balanced in submission numbers.

I saw that you tagged a few people when we added the CFP to our page. Robin de Rosa is actually the inspiration for this book project and we were in touch about the idea from the beginning. I have an e-mail “commitment” that she would be willing to write our foreward so one year later, I’ll need to check in and see that she’s still willing. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your support!



Hi Kim,

Good luck with the team meeting! It’s great that you are all getting a chance to meet each other so early on in the project, and not only do whatever planning is needed but also be able to learn more about different motivations for participation.

Wow, that is amazing! Really wonderful response! :smiley: Hopefully you can find different ways to keep all the respondents engaged, be it in the form of authoring, peer reviewing, etc. And if you did need to do a second round for the category that didn’t receive as many submissions as you hoped, please let us know. We can certainly spread the word again in our channels.

How lovely to hear that @robinderosa1 has been the inspiration for the project! I’m glad that she’s also indicated some willingness to participate by writing the foreword. I can say from experience that Robin is an excellent cheerleader on projects, continuing to motivate collaborators as they tick off tasks – so you’re all in great company. :smiley:

Keep us posted on how you get along. We’re always happy to support you and the team as you keep going!