Open Pedagogy Approaches, Status report

It has been a while since we’ve updated the status of this book project.

Alexis and I (on behalf of the editorial board) are thrilled to report that we are still fully on track to meet our end of June deadline for the book’s release.

Twenty-one of our twenty-two chapters have been copyedited (17) or are in the process of being copyedited (4). The last chapter and the book’s introduction will soon follow in the copyediting process.

Rajiv Jhangiani is currently reviewing the book’s introduction and Robin DeRosa has graciously and beautifully written the book’s foreword. We are so excited that both were willing to participate in these ways.

Once all of this is done (and while we wait for final author edits on a rolling basis), layout work in Pressbooks will begin.

We are so close!!!

Thanks for the update, Kim! This is wonderful news. :smiley:

I’m excited that you’re still getting so many people to collaborate on the book even as you’re in the final stages. It really is a team effort!

I’m looking forward to hearing more as you get nearer the finish line!