Chapter 1 - Summary of ideas, actions, thoughts and everything else

This is the spot to post all things chapter 1.

@rbroussard3 @kellis1 @ashley.segalla @tspahn - how are things going with Chapter 1? Have y’all got what you wanted from a WORD document and put into Pressbook?

If y’all are still using the Business Precalculus resource by Lippman for Chapter 1, here is a list of objectives that were provided in the MyOpenMath course that we found that uses the text:

Chapter 1 Learning Objectives

  • Define a function and identify a function from words, tables, graphs, and formulas (1.1)
  • Use and interpret function notation (1.1)
  • Solve and evaluate functions (1.1)
  • Determine the domain and range from graphs, formulas (1.2)
  • Graph and evaluate piece-wise functions (1.2)
  • Calculate the rate of change of a linear function numerically, graphically, verbally, and symbolically. (1.3)
  • Interpret the rate of change verbally and graphically including interpretation in business applications. (1.3)
  • Identify intervals where a function increases and/or decreases. (1.3)
  • Write and Identify linear functions (1.4)
  • Identify increasing and decreasing functions (1.4)
  • Find the slope and vertical intercept of a linear function (1.4)
  • Determine the equation of a line given various information (2 points, a point and the slope, a point and some information about the slope such as a parallel or perpendicular line). (1.4)
  • Sketch the graph of a line given a point and the slope, or two points with and without a calculator. (1.5)
  • Identify parallel and perpendicular lines (1.5)
  • Model a variety of business applications including the following: Break-even analysis for linear revenue, cost, and profit functions, equilibrium points for linear demand and supply functions, finding a linear cost, revenue, or profit function given information such as marginal cost, fixed cost, price per item, etc (1.6)
  • Determine the best fit line by hand and using technology (1.7)
  • Determine the linear regression for a given set of data that is approximately linear and interpret its accuracy with a calculator. (1.7)

I also have some for Chapter 2 and 3. After that, the MyOpenMath course used a different resource (for chapters 4-12):

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We decided that Lippman’s Chapter 1 on functions and our Chapter 1 on prerequisites and linear equations don’t quite coincide. We decided that heavy of a focus on functions doesn’t belong in Finite Math. I think Kiel made a post about it in another topic with the resources we found and are thinking about using. This week we are looking at other resources to bring together for our next Monday meeting. I think at this point we have a better idea of what exactly we are looking to put in our Chapter 1. We want more of a focus on graphing points, linear equations (with slope intercept and tables), solving one step and multi-step equations, and solving literal equations. This should be doable by the deadline.


Thanks for the update!

@kellis1 @rbroussard3 @tspahn
I finished the LaTex changes in sections 1.1-1.4. If y’all could check on it and make sure there are no typos or missed equations, I would appreciate it. I also went ahead and changed the Example and Exercises format in your sections, Kiel, because it made it easier for me to track what equations I had changed already. I hope that’s ok!
Toni, do you want me to work on the LaTex changes in section 1.5? I know you were going to play with it to try and figure it out, but if you want me to help, just let me know!

Ashley, I would like to learn a little about how to do latex so that I can help you and Renae with the coding. I just tried to convert some of the simple equations in my chapter 1 sections, and quirky things are happening.
For example, in some places I do not need the \ to type a < or > symbol, but in other places just using those symbols doesn’t work.
Also, when the latex is incorrect, some of the regular text doesn’t show up when viewing the section???
I would like to learn this coding, but I also do not want to take too much or your or Renae’s time.

Hi @ashley.segalla, that is great! I am very glad you and @rbroussard3 are working through this LaTex content for our cohort. I will read through each section for typos, etc. before we meet tomorrow. We were not on break this past week, so I really couldn’t do it during the week.

Hi Ashley,
In Section 1.1, in the subsection “Classify Equations”, I added Heading 4 formatting to “Conditional Equations” to match the formatting of “Identity” and “Contradiction”. Also, I added a line space between a couple of lines that were too close together. Other than that, I must say, it looks fabulous! I’m on to the next section.

@rbroussard3 @kellis1 @ashley.segalla
Every image in chapter 1 has a Pressbooks link. So it seems that they are all in the media library. Some had a “…” link and others had a “…” link. I do not know if that makes any difference.

@rbroussard3 @kellis1 @ashley.segalla
I think that I have the 53 images from section 1.3 loaded in the media library as jpegs. I am not sure how to get them in the actual section of book. (Or how to link them to the images in the book??)
Also, I accidentally loaded some of the images twice, and I can not figure out how to delete the duplicates.

@tspahn @rbroussard3 @kellis1
I think it’s ok if an image is there more than once as long as we use the correct one. We can confirm that with Jared tomorrow. We can also show you how to put them in the book in tomorrow’s meeting.

I fixed all of the images from 5.1-5.3, 7.1-7.4, and 8.1. I’ll look at the rest of Chapter 8 tomorrow.

@ashley.segalla @kellis1 @rbroussard3
All of the images for section 1.3 have been uploaded into the book. Beware, in many cases the alt text needed editting/corrections. I did the editting and added the necessary attributions in the media library before uploading them to the book.
@kellis1 - the only images that I did not upload were the two images for exercises 13 and 14. These images are embedded in the H5P, and I did not want to mess up anything with those problems.
For exercise 13, you will need image titled 1.3.39 in the media library.
For exercise 14, you will need image titled 1.3.40 in the media library.
The images for the section are clumped together in the library, so they should not be too difficult to find.
I plan to have the images for 1,4 completed before our Tuesday meeting.

I added the images for Section 1.3 Exercises 13 and 14, and I added the source information and alt text to both images in the H5P problems.

Thanks, Kiel. The H5P looks great!

I said Section 1.2, but I meant 1.3. I edited my last comment.

No problem. I realized that’s what you meant.