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@lizalong started a thread devoted to Student Examples. I thought we might be able to bring over some of the content discussions from the main “meet & greet” thread into this forum.

Here’s a Google Doc that collects most of the links from the meet & greet thread. Anyone can edit: OER Resources for First Year Writing

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Also, @lizalong mentioned that she likes They Say/I Say for English 102. Here’s a chapter from the Pressbooks OER Writing in College that relies on Graff and Birkenstein’s they say/I say strategies: “Listening to Sources, Talking to Sources.” It shows how we might be able to include some of that material in our own textbook (or, we could simply adapt parts or all of the chapter).

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Thanks for sharing this excellent resource, Joel! The explanations are superb and links to original and resources are helpful!

The Exercise at the very bottom, however, while good on its own is limited. I could see an opportunity for us to improve upon this resource by extending the Exercise portion by providing a passage using multiple sources OR two shorter passages on the same topic, allowing for the student to practice incorporating multiple sources within a paper or practice cueing and integrating multiple sources within their essay.

Maybe it’s just the way my brain works, but once I learn something, I want to practice that before moving onto something else. Placing exercises after a smaller section, to me, makes more sense rather than doing a larger lecture and then providing exercises at the very end. Scaffolding the exercises would allow the teacher to know if a student has learned that piece before moving on. In such a case, I would get behind integrating some quick quizzes to ensure that students know the difference between quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing, ideally traversing the steps of Bloom’s taxonomy with each exercise provided (this could be scaffolded over a number of chapters, not necessarily within just one), whereby we set the student up for better success when they move onto the creation phase.

Thanks, Amy

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