Epistemology [ed: Brian Barnett]

Updated June 2021

This thread is for discussions related to the Epistemology book of the Introduction to Philosophy open textbook series. See the full project summary.

Book Summary:
Please view the book outline for a full list of all the chapters.

How to participate:
The chapters are currently being copy edited and we are looking for a volunteer to format them in Pressbooks.

Relevant Documents:
Tables of Contents for all the books – Here you can see a list of chapters written for this book.
Author Guide – Read this guide to find out more about guidelines for authors.

Team: @brian561 (book editor), @clhendricksbc (series editor), @zoe (Rebus project manager), @apurva … and you?

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Hello! I’m a professor of philosophy at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, MA. It looks like the “Epistemology, Gender, and Society” chapter doesn’t yet have an author. That’s my principal area of expertise within philosophy, and I might be interested in contributing that chapter. I’d love to talk further and see whether I might be a good fit for what you need. This would be my first contribution to an open textbook like this, and I’m not sure how this process works – what would be the next steps?


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Hi Monica,

Welcome, and thank you for your interest! I am happy to hear that this is your area of expertise and you might be interested in writing a chapter.

As for next steps, what we ask is that you send us a CV, and possibly a writing sample as well. Then if all looks good you would connect with the book editor for Epistemology (Brian Barnett) and discuss your thoughts on the chapter and go from there. We are somewhat flexible on timing, to work around people’s schedules, but ideally if we could have the chapter within about 6 weeks that would be good. But it’s not absolutely necessary that it would have to be done in that time.

After all the chapters are written, then the book goes through peer review and revision, and then goes into production.

Have you taken a look at our author guide yet? That provides further information about the book and broad guidelines for chapters.

Please let me know if you have any questions at this point, and if you would like to be considered for the chapter, please send me your CV: christina.hendricks@ubc.ca I will pass it on to the book editor, who is the one who ultimately makes the decision on chapter authors.

Thanks again, and I hope to hear from you soon!

Christina Hendricks (series editor)