February 3: Monthly Check-in (Our final one!)

@feb20-cohort It’s a bittersweet moment to note that our final check-in is taking place next Wednesday, February, at 9am ET, on Zoom . I’m hoping that most of us can attend to reflect on and review how the year in the program has been. We’ll share milestone updates, complete a program evaluation, collect certificates, and most importantly, talk about how to keep these learnings fresh and connections strong!

I’ve put together a set of slides to guide our conversation. If possible, prior to the session, please reflect on the following questions posed in slide #5:

  • Personal or project milestones over the past year
    • Where has your project travelled? Given how many of us might be on the call, I might request that 1 representative from each project share their thoughts on the call, while the rest of the team adds to this milestone update in the chat.
  • Something that has struck you the most during this journey
    • What have you learned?
  • A message to your team/cohort
    • Despite this tumultuous year, what are you looking forward to professionally and personally?

If anyone cannot attend the session, please let me know and don’t worry about it. I’ll follow-up here afterwards to share some reflections, and make sure you are all set.

For reference, these are the slides I’ll briefly use:

  1. Slides: Final Check-in


I completed the program evaluation, but have not received an email about the certificate.

I checked my junk mail.

Was this supposed to happen immediately?

Thank you for everything! You have been a great facilitator!

-Gerry Terry

February 20 Cohort

E: terryg@gvsu.edu

M: 863-670-0127

I complee

Hi Gerry, thanks so much! I don’t see your responses in the form, could you possibly try resubmitting it (link shared over DM)? The certificate should be generated instantly and sent to your email address. It will be a good idea to keep an eye out in the junk/spam folder. If you’re still having trouble, I can generate your certificate manually. Let me know!

@feb20-cohort thank you all so much for your time not only at last week’s session, but over the past year! I’m so grateful to all of you for joining all our meetings and discussions, especially given how turbulent and challenging 2020 has been. Thank you also for letting myself and the Rebus team be part of your project’s journey.

To those who could not attend, please take a look at our slides and chat transcript. There are a few events and resources shared in the chat that you might find useful.

If you are still working on your project, and I know many of you are, note that you can all still:

  • continue to the Rebus platform
  • keep referring to all our CC BY licensed handouts, slides, and the Rebus Guide
  • keep sharing CFPs, updates, announcements around your project, which we will be happy to amplify (I especially want to hear updates!)
  • connect with others in the cohort (get in touch with me for the contact list)

If you haven’t yet, I will also ask you to submit your reflections and feedback about the program via this evaluation form. And to those who have — thank you! We take your feedback and reflections into account to shape experiences for future cohorts. Once you complete your evaluation, you will be directed to generate your certificate of completion. A list of program graduates is also live on our website!

If any of you have any questions or trouble accessing any of these documents, please let me know.

Once again, thank you all so much! I look forward to staying in touch. Someday, as @wrs15, it’ll be a pleasure to see you all in person and maybe even snap a cohort group photo. :smiley: Being part of this community has been one of the highlights of my year, so thank you!