November 4: Monthly Check-in

@feb20-cohort, our next check-in is scheduled for November 4th, at 9am ET. What would you like us to discuss or dive into during the mini-session? Please let me know your suggestions by the end of this week. :slight_smile:

@feb20-cohort, reminder that our next check-in is tomorrow at 9am ET on Zoom. We haven’t zeroed in on a topic to discuss, so let’s use our time to dig into questions that you bring to the table, show off work in progress on your projects, and discuss your plans for the remainder of the year. We’ll also save space in case there is anything you’d like to share with the group more generally. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

@feb20-cohort thanks to all who could join our session this week! It was fantastic to hear about all the updates and strides that you all have been making, despite other distractions this week.

Remember, for our next session, it would be great if you could screenshare and show-off something you’ve done on your project — whether it’s an outline or draft in progress, sections of the book in Pressbooks/GitHub, other materials created in H5P, covers, etc. Bring something to share!

I’ll also encourage all of you to start planning for the work you might do once your academic term ends, and over the holidays. Do keep in mind that this time is also for you to rest and recuperate from this past term and year, so be careful not to form too long a to-do list.

Chat Transcript and Resources

We had a good discussion in the chat this week, so look at the transcript for full details. I’m highlighting something that @aabbott mentioned in the chat, which I think is a testament to all of you in this group:

I’d like to offer my gratitude to the community we have developed here. Although outside of the math group, I only connect with everyone else through these now monthly check ins, the added value from hearing about what others outside of our discipline are working on, what challenges are being seen and overcome, and learning about how students see and use resources on the other disciplines has been invaluable to me as I work through my own pieces of our project. It’s had the result of adding a larger goal to my context that I hope will be useful to the students that will use our work.

Take a look also at the list of resources and links shared: