December 2: Monthly Check-in

@feb20-cohort, I hope everyone is having a good Thanksgiving break. We’ll meet for the last time this year on December 2nd, at 9am ET, over Zoom.

Please come not only with an update about your project, but if possible, something to share with the group! This can be anything as small as an outline, draft, author/editor guide, survey, formatted sections of the book. It’ll be a nice chance for us to check-in and see all the progress that’s been made so far.

We’ll also talk about future plans — what work have you set aside to tackle once your semester ends? Is it manageable? And as always, if there’s something you want to ask the group or discuss with each other, there will be plenty of time.

I look forward to seeing you all next week!

@feb20-cohort thanks to all who joined our check-in last week! I’d love to hear from anyone who couldn’t make it, so if you have an update that you’d like to share with the cohort, please post it here.

Some important notes from our discussion:

Chat Transcript and Resources

As usual, I’ve saved our chat transcript which you can review. Here’s a roundup of resources shared:

Lastly, I wanted to note that I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the different updates you had prepared: from student feedback as you are using your books in the classroom, questions about interoperability of content, to the types of assignments that students are creating with your rubrics, it was fantastic. I’m very pleased at how far we’ve come as a group, and how your individual projects are progressing, despite the challenges faced this year. I look forward to continuing the journey in the new year, where we have a few sessions left. Happy holidays, and wish you all a happy new year!


I am looking for an OER Quantitative Literacy/Quantitative Reasoning textbook for a Technical Math course we are currently creating at CWI. I looked at the Open Textbook Library website. What other libraries are there that might have OER quantitative literacy/quantitative reasoning textbooks? Or how would you suggest I look for these type of OER textbooks?




Hi Paul, I’d suggest taking a look at MERLOT, BCcampus’ open textbook collection, OER Commons, American Institute of Mathematic’s list of approved open textbooks.

You could also use one of the OER meta-search tools: Mason OER Metafinder (MOM) or SUNY’s OASIS (Openly Available Sources Integrated Search). As you’ll see on these sites, they search through upwards of 15 databases featuring all kinds of open resources, including textbooks.

Hopefully you can find something in these sites! And if you haven’t already, I will strongly recommend you connect with your subject or local librarian at CWI — they are very experienced with the search process and can likely help you filter results. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Thanks Apurva.



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