Monthly check-in: July

@feb21-cohort I hope everyone is having a good summer so far! We are due for our monthly check-in next Tuesday, July 13 at 10am ET.

This time, we’ll use our updates to check back on the goals that you had all set for yourself during last month’s check-in. If you can’t attend our session, please respond to this thread with an update about your project & and how this progress has measured up to what you wanted to achieve over the month.

As always, I’m looking forward to connecting with everyone again.

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Hi everyone! I’m giving a conference presentation during our session today so I won’t be able to join synchronously. Over the past month, I’ve continued experimenting with platforms and have discovered a couple of exciting new options to pursue (GitHub pages in the minimal computing direction and Pressbooks in the CMS direction). I’m still committed to creating resources that help participating faculty make strategic decisions about platforms (rather than selecting a single platform for the project). One of my collaborators, Christopher Ohge, was teaching a course on digital book history for the London Rare Book School and I got to audit the course and learned even more–I was thrilled to discover that the incorporation of page images for many editions will be much easier to manage by taking advantage of IIIF. I’m also happy to share that, with two of my collaborators, I put in a proposal for Open Education 2021. We’re really excited about the conversation we proposed, and the work we put into the proposal has already gotten us thinking differently than we had been. Bringing digital editing and open pedagogy into conversation has proven VERY beneficial. Thank you all for the feedback last month and I look forward to joining you for our August meeting!

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My goals for next month are pretty much the same as the past month. I’ll be working on the Lehman Campus OER Report and Proposal to CUNY Central.

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My goals for next month:

  • Plan to meet with eCampus Ontario (after chatting with steering committee) to discuss their process of translating OERs into French
  • Look into ways to best track the impact of this adaptation
  • Support the communications plan to promote the completion of the resource guide
  • Support the completion of the resource guide
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As we hope to complete the first phase of the project within in the next two weeks, our goals are the following:

  • Review edited videos and provide any necessary feedback to media assistant for any further updates.
  • Finalize content for the remaining pages of the site including the OER course and program page.
  • Review all forms
  • Send final site for to reviewers for feedback.

My goals for next month:

  • have a digital ‘working draft’ in Pressbooks
  • have a ‘working draft’ print version
  • complete a few publication requirements (ISBNs for print and digital, Legal Deposit with LAC).

Thanks for the update, Mary, and sorry we missed you yesterday! I’m so pleased to hear that you’ve managed to achieve the 2 goals you set for yourself last month:

  1. Continuing to experiment with tools and platforms
  2. Connecting with your collaborators!

I hope your Open Ed conference proposal is approved, and regardless, it sounds like that process lead to some useful thinking on your front.

I’ll have to spend some time with the IIF framework since it is new to me. Great that Christopher was able to pass this on to you!

What are your targets leading up to our August meeting?

And thank you to everyone who could attend our session yesterday! I appreciate you all taking the time to document your goals for next month. For those in the @feb21-cohort who have not yet done so, please take a few minutes to respond to this thread with your goals for the next four weeks. What do you want to achieve on your project?

Our chat transcript is available for viewing, and here are the list of resources shared:

Overall, it sounds like teams are making steady progress despite some delays in timelines over the summer. @jsheffield - we didn’t get to hear from you this month, so could you also post a brief update about how your project is coming along and how you are doing?

There also seemed to be some pause for personal development/growth as well — Dylan shared stories of a successful conference presentation last month and the cohort has been thinking about awards or other ways to recognize and validate the hard work being done by everyone. No doubt you all deserve it! I look forward to continuing to raise this thread in our future check-ins. :smiley:

@apurva - I am so sad to have missed the meeting! For some reason, it was on my calendar for tomorrow (Thursday the 15th) rather than today. Can you confirm the date of our next meeting? Want to make sure that it’s not messed up again. I am not quite sure how it happened!

@feb21-cohort - I hope everyone is well. In terms of a project update, I have accepted the authors who will contribute to my project, and I organized our first writers’ call, which will be tomorrow! I’m excited for the contributors to get to know one another. We’ll do introductions and review the author guide and MOU. I also have part of a sample chapter to share, although it’s taken me longer to write than I’d expected so it’s not complete.

I do still have some open sections and am looking for additional contributors. Would it be odd to send a second round of a CFP to some listservs? Should I send more targeted requests around the remaining sections?

My goals for the next month include finishing my sample chapter (which is a whole chapter of the textbook) and starting to learn H5P. I’m a little behind on that goal!

Cheers to all! :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry about that, Jenna. It looks like others have also had issues with the calendar for our session this week. Our next session is on August 10, and all other dates are outlined in the syllabus. Hopefully we’ll see you then!

This is so exciting! I hope the call goes well. You have a very clear agenda and I’m sure will facilitate the conversation in a way that keeps everyone feeling comfortable and excited. I think it’s okay for you to note that a sample chapter is in progress.

Not at all! Doing a second round is quite common. A targeted request would be helpful - sometimes this can draw the attention of specialists in those areas. The limited pool may also indicate the social proof that this is a large team, and encourage others to want to collaborate with you. I think you could highlight how many people are on the team, and if the group is comfortable, share some of the affiliations or names of people involved.

Thanks for sharing — I can’t wait to see the sample chapter. The first one is always the hardest, and the others to follow should be much smoother. If you’re interested in H5P, I highly recommend attending the Advanced PressbooksEDU webinar where they discuss the basics of H5P in Pressbooks, plus looking at the resources in the H5P PB Kitchen Website.

@apurva - Thank you so much for the advice! I’ve put August 10 on my calendar. I did notice that the recurring meeting is incorrect on my calendar again for August, so I redid it on my end.

The writers’ call was great. So nice to meet everyone and learn why they were interested in this project. I will definitely write up a second, more targeted call and get your feedback on it. :+1:

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Sounds great - I’ll keep an eye out for it.