Monthly Check-in: October

@feb21-cohort — I know it’s only been a few weeks since we last met, but our next monthly check-in is already here! We’ll be meeting tomorrow at 10am ET. As always, if you can’t attend, please let us know by replying to this thread.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all, and hearing how your past few weeks have gone! :slight_smile:

Hi @feb21-cohort - you know what they say about time flying when you’re having fun…

I am going to miss tomorrow’s check-in as I play catch-up with some other work stuff after a mini-vacation. That said, here are my comments on last month’s goals:

I had mentioned last time that I was hoping for some Pressbooks-related next steps, and I am happy to share that we’ve done that, in the following ways:

a) forged new relationships around PressbooksEDU with the University of Manitoba;
b) released our Call for Proposals as part of our PressbooksEDU Pilot Network;
c) begun planning for a ‘Pressbooks 101’ lunch-and-learn session later this month;
d) begun planning for how we will structure, manage, and support adaptation/creation projects in EDU.

Moving forward, I am excited to see how we gain capacity and strengthen open education practices by engaging with this tool. I also look forward to seeing all of you again in November.


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Darn it. I am missing the link for tomorrow’s meeting😏Niki

We’ll miss you at the session, but hopefully the catch-up work will be quick and painless. Hope you had a good mini-vacation!

Thanks so much for these updates on your goals from last month. You’ve accomplished a lot over just a couple of weeks!

I’m happy to spread the CFP in our channels if you think it will be helpful. Let me or @me.monicabrown know.

Your ideas on structuring training and support for new projects, including Pressbooks training as well, seem very clear. I’m looking forward to hear how some of these sessions are received when we meet again in November. Keep it up! Is there another set of goals you’d like to set for yourself/target for the next month?

It looks like you got the link, so I’ll see you in a few hours! :smiley:

@feb21-cohort - It was great catching up with everyone. Thank you so much for the support. As suggested, one of my goals for the upcoming month is to focus on self care and spend time with family!! I also would really like to pull together my authors for a call, as that was a great opportunity for community building. That’s probably about all I can handle at the moment. :grinning: Thank you for the support.

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I hope to know about funding for OER by November! I’ll be focused on assisting faculty who are creating or adopting OER.

I’ll also be focused on trying to encourage submissions for the special issue of Journal for Multicultural Education. Please share the CFP and consider contributing - The Intersections of Open Educational Practices and Equity Pedagogy | Emerald Publishing

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Always enjoy catching up with everyone and hearing updates on all of your projects.

This month, my goals are:

  • Present at the OpenEd Conference with members of the Manitoba Foundations Group
  • Continue to promote the resource
  • Put together a takeaways of Pressbooks lessons I’ve learned throughout the project, and overall reflecting on the process of the project

Take care of yourselves, all. See you next month :slight_smile:

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Get a meeting with Zoila to set up calendar for fall semester
Debrief after Lightening Talk to determine what we learned from participants
Reconvene team once we know about funding

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Over this next month, my goal is to get printed copies of the resource out to the individuals who have requested it. We are also closing our PressbooksEDU CFP’s so we will be kicking off the team on that body of work. Lastly, we are doing two lunch and learns during Open Access week.

Personally, I want to give myself more grace and space.

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The goals for the upcoming month are:

  • to promote the hub throughout CUNY and other institutions
  • to attend our lightning talk session at OpenEd 2021
  • to move the project along with new funding,
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Thanks everyone for making the time to meet last week, and to jot down these goals! If we missed anyone at our session, please reply to this thread and report your progress on last month’s goals. You can also indicate what milestones you’d like to accomplish before our next meeting in November.

As usual, I have saved our chat transcript for us and rounded up the resources shared in the chat:

Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting announcements coming your way in our newsletter this week! :sparkles:

Hello everyone! Finally posting an update here after finally finishing two things today that I’d love to celebrate. First, I gave my first OpenEd presentation today! I’ve been learning a lot at the conference and think the session went well (something like 90 attendees? Thank you everyone who attended–I saw you in there, Apurva!). I also finally stopped tinkering with my post for the Wiki Education blog. I’ll share the link to the official post once it’s up. My goal for the upcoming month is to refine assignment prompts for Transforming Humanities Texts as I continue to collaborate with students on an open edition of The Confessions of Nat Turner.

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Congrats Mary - it was an excellent session, even with the doggy interruption! :smiley: How do you feel?

Looking forward to seeing the blog post soon. And that sounds like a great goal for next month.

Perhaps I’ll see you tomorrow and Thursday for the @PullingTogether-team’s & @oerteachered-team’s sessions! All the details are here: Open Education Conference: Session Roundup - TSP Community

Any suggestions of how to find special education resources at Open Ed or beyond? I want to get special Ed faculty away from expensive texts and need a starting point

Thank you, Apurva! It was really hard to assess how it went (I was definitely thrown off by the doggie interruption! I should add a pic of Lulu to the pets of open ed channel, eh?). We knew going in that we’d be speaking to educators beyond the humanities, so we tried to frame a discussion about how this approach might be useful in other disciplines. I loved the ideas folks shared in the collaborative document! Because it wasn’t recorded, I was thinking of adding our script, links, and a summary of the chat to our session description. Do you think that’s a good idea?
I’ll see you at the Pulling Together session! And @stacy.katz, I’ll be at your session on Thursday! @me.monicabrown, I’m disappointed I missed yours, but I’m loving the resources you created and sharing them in our zotero library on open pedagogy (along with sooooo many other things I’m learning about at this conference).

@misbell So sorry I missed your session! I keep getting turned around with the longer sessions and intend to leave early and then forgetting to! I’m sure it was fantastic and I can’t wait to go back and watch it! @me.monicabrown’s session was so great and it gave me a lot to think about with clearly discussing allowed collaboration in open pedagogy projects.

@nikifayne I haven’t seen much that’s in special ed in the open repositories. There’s this one, which I think I’ve shared before - The Roles and Responsibilities of the Special Educator – Simple Book Publishing. We do have pressbooks and manifold as options where we could compile a special education reader of open access articles on special ed, if that would help.

Thanks. I think I need to take this on( sigh)

Let’s figure out a team that you can take this on with - either Lehman, CUNY, or beyond. You’re a great team lead, but you don’t need to do it solo.

Here’s the Wiki Education blog post! I decided not to make the primary focus on concerns about student privacy and agency because I want to explore those issues in greater depth for a contribution to Stacy and Jennifer’s special issue of JME.